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Hope she’s alright 27.10.14

My daughter today is under one week class vacation. We are happy because we cant be hurry every morning just to prepare for something for us and for her before going to school. It is quiet bored-some for this is the routine of our life each day. We felt easy for this week because of some changes but afraid for sometime because both of us as her parent are in our jobs yet she is just at home. He have some friends together but what about if they will go out and she alone will stay and just waiting for us to go home. Hope she is always alright.

National Costumes 23.10.14

My whole family was at the school  of my daughter supporting the occasion of celebrating the United Nations day. All students was required of wearing different national costumes from different countries where they are assigned to represent. My daughter represented China and she wore her costume very well. She look like Chinese too. One of the amazing part of the celebration was the choir presentation. They sung a song that has a message of transformation that start with the children itself, the hope of tomorrow.

Think about such things 21.10.14

The more powerful full we are the more responsibilities we have. These are the words that stroke me out from the movie spider man. In our life today as Christians, these statements can be connected also to our personal life. The more knowledgeable we are from Gods word, the more spiritually prepared we are, the more closer we are to God, the more responsibilities we have. If we knew more, then we have to teach and impart our knowledge, and if we are spiritually matured, then we need to lead the flock of Jesus Christ, and if how closer we are to God the more trials and temptations are coming.

Seek God first 19.10.14

Matthew in His writings emphasized the need of seeking Gods kingdom first and all the things we needed most will just follow. Yes it is true, where I am today is Gods amazing and wonderful plan for my life. This is Gods ministry where my life is happy and fulfilled ministering the first generation of Christian families under Galilee Church. Gods knows what is best for me and I understood why He allow all things happens to reveal His purpose in me.

The best music we long for 14.10.14

True musician looks for what is best in the future. We just started to create a new and professional group of musicians. This is for the benefit of our church music ministry. The tool of using music in expanding Gods kingdom to people who don’t know Christ and actually no relationship with Him was so effective for many years ago. This is what we long for and one of the tips gave to us was to collect all the best musical instruments as possible for it create fantastic and amazing music sound than ordinary instruments.

I suffer loss 14.10.14

You if I have a chance to go back again from my previous life and still under the control of my parents, I’d rather chose to follow and obey them completely than following my own decisions and mind. If I’m going to rate my self from one to ten in relation to what I’ve done then I’m not hesitant to say I’m in number one. I pity my self and I suffer loss with the discipline done with my parents. And this is my fear for my daughter. Hopefully God will help me in shaping and molding my daughters life for her future.

My self 14.10.14

Who is our best enemy? Gods word tells that it is not our neighbors or those who hated us but most of all are these three areas; One is Satan, he keep on tempting us because he wanted to have a companion in hell, he also wanted to destroy the testimony of Christian life so people around them will believe, but the most of all is our self, this is our greatest enemy. Paul says my spirit is willing but my flesh is weak. Therefore we have to be aware on it. Keep Jesus in our heart.

My future kids 14.10.14

It is not because I love my own, but exactly the reality is my daughter is so talented. She sung very well and can play ukelele as early as four year old. But our problem was the alignment of tune. Yet, now we have ukelele tuner, easy to use and great. My vision in the future for my kids is to make a music band and can produce an album before they reach at age of twenty.

Exactly 13.10.14

As a parent if our children may got sick, we too felt the same. We can’t do or concentrate with our job for we must think of what is the condition of our children. That is exactly what I felt today. My little girl got sick and I need to make sure that I am in her side to take care of her and to give the medicine she needed. Lord help us, heal my daughter, amen.

Partor’s Digs birthday 07.10.14

Today is Pastor’s Digs birthday and I felt the love of the students for Him. He is my co-worker in International Grace Bible Institute. I’m proud of him. He is a great teacher and humble one, the students love him so much. This is how we should act and develop relationship as a teacher to the students. God is so good and really fulfill all the desires of our heart.

For sure 05.10.14

For sure everyone of us wont give-up, we tried to hide something just to let us free from everything. Of course we need not to argue or to make some quarrel in order to have a defense. One thing I knew is that, if we’re in the right tract and believed that we’re exactly doing good. Just hold on and believed in your self for God is with you. No matter what happens.

My favors are from Him 29.09.14

After one day of enjoying my rest day I have to do again my routine in ministering God’s children. I knew I can make it because God is with me. This is His kingdom and I will just obey His will. I knew He puts me there and I knew He will care for me and will make me a successful one. I’m so proud of where I am today. Truly if we will just trust Him and obey Him faithfully surely a favor from Him are there always..Thank you God.

Good luck guys 22.09.14

The most awaiting part of our life is the weeding day… My friend ling2’s weeding will on Friday at huyong garden resort. It is a garden weeding and a very expensive and elegant wedding. I knew that they gave much for this for this is the most and memorable day for both of you. Good luck guys and best wishes for you.

We are unique 21.09.14

I really appreciate people who never thought of what might be the return after doing big things for someone. That en devour is true and a heart is good. That’s exactly what God wants us to be. God wants us to do good, not just for our families and relatives but also for others like neighbors and etc. We should not be selective of what we long and hope for someone, for God made us uniquely and wonderfully.

buy wigs 14.09.14

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