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Complete the sets 01.04.14

I suggested my mom to buy church instruments such as violin and guitars taken from my sisters monthly tithes contribution to complete the set. This is also to help the young people to develop their skills in playing instruments and shifting their attention in illegal drugs and other vices that the world could influence them.

So impatient 01.04.14

Sometimes I became so impatient with our very slow internet connection in the house. That moment when you already opened a website then suddenly the connection terminated. I want to burst out but I can do nothing. We already complaint to our internet provider but received no action regarding this. I was about to show the picture of to my little brother who is fond of collecting different instruments but the signal just hanged up. Will show it next time around.

I am lucky 24.03.14

I always put myself in their shoes. Beggars in the street, some playing guitar just to get people’s attention and it makes me feel so sad. Every time I see them I always thank the Lord for I am lucky enough and I should not complain about anything because they suffer more than anyone in this world. I realized I am more fortunate than them. Sorry Lord if sometimes I complain about many things in life in fact there are lost of people who suffer more than what I do.

Extraordinary talent 24.03.14

I was amazed upon seeing the man in the television who can play guitar in her hands and a bass guitar using his feet. What an extraordinary talent he has. It is not easy to do two things at a time but he can manage to do it. I salute him for having an unusual talent in playing instruments. May he use it for God’s glory and honor. God bless you!

Business is good 20.03.14

Business is good but it needs a lot of money for capital and time to spend. Truly the bigger capital we have, the bigger production and sales to follow. We can noticed that those who are rich become more rich because of the network that they have. For so many times I thought of going abroad just to get money for capital. Its true that it broke our hearts for we need to leave our family but we need to for the future of our family. I hope my daughter will understand me. Its not my own desire but its for their future.

Make sure 16.03.14

Print here, print there, print anywhere. That is how important the printer is to us. There are some who offered wholesale trade printers who are unique, amazing, fast and affordable. But there some also who are too expensive. As a user everyday I need to make sure the quality of printing and its availability. Even during my college days, printers are part of our lives. So be intelligent.

Active and talkative 16.03.14

As I watched how my daughter grows together with her friends, I saw something different from her. She’s more active and talkative than others. Maybe because of her vitamins and milk. I felt so lucky and great for what she performed. Aside from being healthy she also loves music and sang very well. she is still three year old but acted like a six year old. Even our friends are amaze and curious of how we raise her. Hoping for more good health and wisdom for her.

In my time 16.03.14

The last time I was with CCT was I worked at lending department. But since the company itself was connected with Christian ministries so I was involved with the music team. It was very difficult to us if the band is not complete and even the gadget used was lacking. So in my time I bought a td 30 from musicians friend and it was nice and comfortable. But today after I left them I heard that they are not active compared to us before.

Great things He has done 16.03.14

I really thank God for what He have done to us. So many things… great things…I know and I trusted you Lord. Thank you for the blessings and good health. I know time come you will reveal to us your perfect will and cant wait for it. Lord I know you are there willing to hear and grant our prayers. As what you said that you will surely grant the desires of our heart. Teach us to be humble and be clean in your sight. Thank you Lord.

That makes them like professionals 16.03.14

As I compare my brothers music band with some of the commercial and professional music bands I saw it the same though my brothers group where just a beginner and most of them are still young. I know these because of their hard works in practice that makes them like professionals. It also gave them edge over other group are the gadgets they used and the excellent standard electric at musicians friend. These made them feel great.

I need to 16.03.14

We have a weekly Sunday service at Gemini Apokon but this s just a pioneering ministry. It was started by the Espiritu family. As a pioneering worker I need to make all my best for the good and development of the Church. I cannot deny the fact that there are times that I felt discourage and dismayed of what is the status right now but I need to move on. Thank you for your grace and mercy that enables me to continue moving on.

I just wanted to say thank you 15.03.14

We just finished constructing the building for our furniture business and I felt so great thinking our business and how it runs. I just wanted to say thank you site for lid supports that help me came to know you where I don’t need to spent enough time for orders. I knew we can be a good business partner someday. For you my dear who spent enough time and effort to make these things come true and for your sacrificed. We love you so much.

How I wish 15.03.14

There are times that I felt worried and uncomfortable that causes me not to sleep well. Its very tiresome for it weakens my body. Maybe I think because of stress and failures i felt in my surroundings. There are lot of things I wish to be done but the time is very limited or short. How I wish to fulfill all my dreams as young as I am.

I like most 15.03.14

I just remember my brother how good musician he is, they practiced with his band mate regularly at there studio. As I watched them at thier practiced I felt I have to practiced also to make me familiar with the different types of musical instruments as well as on how to play with it. What I like most was a rogue electric bass at guitar center, a very nice guitar and I love playing it.

Spent enough timen 15.03.14

We just spent enough time with my family, treating our very cutie daughter at Zoofari, a children play house, for she ask us week ago that she miss that place and she wanted to play. Before we usually brought her every end of the month but because how busy we are we forgotĀ  to do it regularly. But at last we have. Hopefully it will be done next month again so she can satisfy her childhood life.

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