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Just in time

Today I worked Day shift 6am-2pm. I set my alarm clock at 5:30 am. My alarm went off but I think I was still half awake and turned it off without my awareness. I was dreaming that I am already prepared for my shift. Then finally I suddenly wake up and when I looked at the clock, it was already 5:56am. All my adrenaline came rushing. I jumped off the bed and was fully awake in just a moment. I was kind of confused as to what do I need to do first. Finally I figured it out. Of course, I was not able to have a full shower as I used to before my every shift. Fortunately, I arrived in the birth room two minutes before endorsement time. It is good that I am just staying in the clinic where I work.

A good opportunity to buy

I had to admit that our purchase was unplanned. A land owner wanted to sell the land in emergency, I took the opportunity and since I am interested in getting that property. I was glad that we bought it at the right time, no one else had bought it, though I heard that one buyer was talking of buying it at greeter price we paid. If you are a first time buyer with limited funds, do not invest in more than one house or lot, of course if your funding is limited. Any extra funds should be used to increase the down payment or monthly dues in order to reduce your financial burden.

A good opportunity to buy is when you can lock-up the mortgage rate when it is low. This will allow you to build up equity faster even if the value of the house does not increase as fast as you like. Same as with landed property. There is always timing for everything.

Home as an investment

home investmentWe have talked about it already. One day God willing we will build a house in the Philippines. I am excited about that. We have a prospective site now, but have not buy yet the land there in that place. The one we bought is just for another investment. I always keep in mind that the house you built or bought is an investment for the future, even though at present, you have no plan of selling it. Profit comes not in the future but at the moment you bought the house that is priced right, located in a good neighborhood, with amenities and modern facilities and with other features that are sure to bring more value to the home; with that alone we will have very good investment.

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