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Tetanus injection

tenanus ijection

This is me taken when I did a prenatal check up. I injected this patient with tetanus injection for prevention of tetanus.
Every pregnant women living in an area where there is neonatal tetanus should be vaccinated against tetanus at the first antenatal visit or every pregnancy. If she has not previously had the full course of tetanus protection, she should be vaccinated again 1-2 months later, then again 6 months after that.

Plan to start my own business

Lately, I was thinking of starting your own business. Before I start my own business, I should  familiarize myself with the different categories my business may fall into. I need to be well prepared for it because I can not just start it without any other considerations. I need to define your business categories for several purposes, mainly for filling forms with local and national government offices, for bank financing, and to obtain government assistance for my business. In the Conduct of entrepreneur’s business, there are three types of business whose differences are primarily based on the liabilities assumed by business owner: sole or individual proprietorship, partnership or corporation. Whichever I belong to, I hope my business flourish with the kind of management I ought to have. I can’t wait to manage my own business.

I love bathing babies

This is me bathing my cousin’s baby.One of the things I love in my profession is bathing babies. I delivered this baby at home on April 24, 2006. It was a great experience for me. He is now almost 2 y.o. As I look back two years ago, it made me realize how time passed so fast. He was just a baby by then. But now he already talks to me and runs around. He is such a handsome boy.

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