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Smell of orange juice

When I go on duty, I always have with me my water bottle. It always make me feel irritated every time  I put juice like orange juice in it, it smells. So search and found the solution with my problems. I hope it will help you too. When you have smell of orange juice or any other juices in a water jug, this is how to remove the smell: pour a solution of baking soda and water into the jug and leave overnight. Rinse very well with clear water. I tried it. It really works. A warning : if you’ve had this problem for sometime, it might be next to impossible to do anything about it because the odor has already seeped into the container walls.

An ounce of prevention

I don’t want that my ear will get infected again. I am very careful now to take good care of my ear. I am guided with this tips to prevent external otitis (inflammation of the ear canal):
• Carefully dry your ears with a hair dryer or towel after swimming or bathing.
• Put several drops of a 50/50 mixture of water and vinegar or of water and rubbing alcohol in the ear canal to aid drying after swimming.
• Avoid excessive ear cleaning (simply wipe out whatever is at the opening of the ear canal).
• Put cotton balls in your eyes when applying hair spray or dye.

My first home birth


This is my first home birth delivery as a nurse-midwife. My cousin delivered her 3rd baby on Nov. 09, 2002, at home. This was my first delivery experience outside the clinic or hospital. It took a lot of courage and faith that God will take good care of everything. It was a different feeling because I am helping my cousin not just other patients that I took care of, that I am not blood related. It was a pressure because the whole family was depending on me with the birth. To God be the glory all things went well. The baby came out fast with no problems. A baby boy named Kent. It was a victorious event not just for me but the whole clan. It was the first time I felt I am really a nurse-midwife. It was so fulfilling..

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