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God’s protection

God protected us from harm today. After I took the exam, my sister, my friend and I went to eat at McDonald. My sister asked if I want to go a specific mall for relaxation and  fun. I decided not to go because I was so tired and wanted to sleep. So we just went to back to the hotel where we stayed. Just right after we arrived there was a flash news in the television about the bombing in a mall. Much to our surprise it was the mall that we planned to go to. God really do miracles and great protection. Thanks God.

The NCLEX- exam

The day has come for me to take the NCLEX-RN (National Council Licensure Exam for Registered nurses. If I pass this exam I will be a Registered Nurse in the US. I was kind of nervous even I did my best to review. God is always with me and I trust that he will do the rest because I did my best I can to study. NCLEX exam is a Computer adaptive test. The minimum questions 75, maximum is 265. If you reach the competency level within the 75 questions the computer will shut down. It will also shut down if you do not show competent in answering the questions. I did ask God every questions to give me knowledge to choose the right answer. Before I submit the answer for the 75 q, I prayed that the computer will shut down, shut down that I passed. Then it shutted down. I had an ambivalent feelings with it because there is only 50/50 chance that I pass or fail. Only God knows. I felt so exhausted after the exam. It took me about almost 3 hours. I was so thankful that my sister accompany me. It will take 4-6 weeks to know the result. Good luck to me.

Owning a home

One of my aim and plan is owning a home of my own. Owning a home is one of the considerations of anyone’s dreams. Isn’t that right? Each of us has our own “dream home”. The home is the largest component of our net worth and a significant component of our retirement plan. It is also very stressful financial transaction one can make because it involves a lot of money, more than any other undertaking we may make. Adding to the complexity are the legalities of real estate transactions and the sufficient cash flow. That is why, as always, it is important to make intelligent and smart decisions without falling into the unsuspecting tricks and traps that usually and normally follow deals of this nature. Always best to have your own stock knowledge than just let people dictate us.

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