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Go for fresher breath

I have problems sometimes with bad breath. Having bad breath is an offensive thing to have and it will let us down. It affects my confidence in communicating with my patients. Personally, I am very conscious about my breath. Almost everyday I am encountering and communicating patients. It is so awful to have bad breath. Each of us needs to take good care of our mouth. Healthy teeth and gums mean much more than a pretty smile. We have to go for fresher breath.

A call from a friend

Today I was working on swing shift. We had a patient pushing with baby’s head was already visible, when my phone rang. It was a call from a friend of mine. We were classmates in college. We have known each other since 1994. I was glad she called but it was not a perfect timing. I answered her like less than a minute and I told her to call me later since there is a baby about to be born in to this world. I was glad she called me an hour after. We had a good conversation. It feels so nice when a friend calls you.

Checking baby’s position


This is me doing a prenatal check up with my cousin. It’s her second baby. She is expecting her baby to come soon. In this picture I was checking for the baby’s position. It is very important to know the baby’s position before a patient goes into labor. Normally baby’s head will come out first. If the baby’s position is not head first, we have to do some things to turn the baby’s head.

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