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Catching babies


Me and my co-midwives. We delivered two babies during our shift. It was so fun. Nothing can compare the joy of catching babies. It is really our privilege to be the first ones to touch them. I feel so glad that I work with the people I love.

Real estate investment

The other day my family and I were talking and discussing about what is best t for an investment. We are looking into it. Real estate, property, house. We came up with a conclusion that real state is good investment. Why is it good to invest in real estate? In this market situation, ideal is to buy. Unlike most of the material things we bought such as cars, appliances, and furniture where the value declines immediately after it is bought, the value of real estate has a tendency to increase as time passes by. The market may be down today but looking at its history, it always go up in time. Think positively and be willing to sacrifice more to own a house of your own. It is a passive investment that increases in value by allowing market forces to work for you without sweat.

An old b-day card

Yesterday, I was arranging my things. I came across with an old birthday card. I was so surprised because I could not remember it was given to me. I really had fun reading it. As you can see it is dated Nov. 03, 1991. I can’t imagine it was already almost 17 years ago. It was given to by my friend during my elementary years. I haven’t heard from her for a long time. I was wondering how is she doing. Where ever she is now, I would like to say thank you. I am proud to say that I still keep this card. It means a lot to me. It brings back all the precious memories and our friendship.

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