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Photo hunt : high


My photo hunt entries this week. Do you think this frog can hop that high? there a huge percentage of impossibilities with that right? Sometimes in our lives their are things that we think it is impossible that we can do it. But the we can do it if we think we can. When we dream we should dream high. We attain that dream when we the will to do it. Just like the frog, it can reach to that high level by adding some steps in it or by the help of someone.

This is me walking or crossing in the “cat walk log” how many feet above the ground. It felt like I was already in the second layer of the atmospheric area. Scary. It was taken when our team had our fun day. We went to the ropes course. One of the advantage to it is that you can conquer your fears. I have a fear of heights and because of that I slowly conquered my fears.

Wordless Wednesday

I was making sweet spaghetti for my sister’s birthday. Those are some of the ingredients for the spaghetti sauce. Those are finely diced carrots, union and garlic.

Father’s love letter video

This is a letter from God to you. I hope that it will a blessing for you. It always blesses me every time I watch it. It is so great that God is so faithful to us even though we have a lot of iniquities and unfaithful to him. His love for us is unconditional. We just have to have a personal relationship with him. We can rely on him with his promises.

Bathroom faucet

Every other month we used to change our bathroom faucet because it will always leak no matter how we take good care of it. It costs us a lot because we have to pay for the plumber and our water bill increases. It is good that someone recommended to use Hansgrohe faucets Since then we don’t need to change our faucet every other month.

women’s lingerie

Every woman has desires to be pretty and feel good about herself. As women, one of the ways to obtain that feeling is to have marvellous clothing. We can find a wide array of women’s lingerie from sexy clothes, corsets, thigh high boots. Find the things that will make you beautiful to enhance your self confidence. We just have to remember the essence of being a woman is not just being beautiful outside but also in the inside.

Branson cabins

Spring is coming. I am so much ready to have a break. It is the time to treat my family. A good time for bonding and spending time together. I have been busy with my work and have no time to have quality time with them. We are planning to have a comfortable retreat for just a few nights at Branson cabins. We can’t wait to have a fun and be together.

Wordless Wednesday:sunday edition


Photo hunt # 102: Metal

I think this photo is a good one for the theme “metal”. These are speculums. We used it for checking women for papsmear and gram staining. It is a tool to check and determine if there are any problems or infections with regards to the reproductive parts of women. It looks scary but it is not that scary. We make sure we use it very gently. have a happy weekend everyone. Take care.

Wordless Wednesday: Saturday edition




Today is my sister’s birthday. She will have a party later today. We are preparing a lot of food. I am making Sweet Spaghetti. uhmmm… very yummy!!! This the favorite of my other sister. It is sad to say that she is not around. She is in the other part of the world. You guys are all invited to the party!!! lol. Have a happy week end everyone.!!!

Wordless: friday edition

This is a picture of sunset the other day. Though I took lots of pictures with sunset I never get tired of it. I enjoyed it. Every day is is unique and different. It always amazes how powerful God is.

Office space

Many months ago, our family discussed about  starting a business. The first thing we discussed about was what is the best business to have. The second thing is where we will put up or where to rent the space we need. We have searched  the perfect space of our business  in office space Connecticut. After having all the details and information we needed, we know that it is the right place for us.

Car covers

One of the best things we have is our car. It is of big help for us to have more comfortable and convenient lives. Our family owns a car and we see to it that we take extra care of it just like we choose the best and quality car covers. We make it sure that we have a durable cover for the protection of our car from being wet, dirt and scratches.

Wordless Wednesday

One thing I really love about my job is holding babies in my arms. It is really a wonderful feeling to hold them. They are treasures. They melt hearts. They bring so much joy unspeakable. No matter how tired you are if you a baby it will somehow strengthen you and give you peace. Babies are wonderful. They just don’t know how much love and joy they bring into our lives.

Wordless Wednesday: Tuesday edition

This is my photo entry for wordless wednesday: tuesday edition. I took this picture the other day. I like taking pictures not just with sunrise and sunset but also with the blue sky. It is such an amazing thing to capture the natural and beautiful gift God has given to us. have a wonderful day to all.

Wordless Wednesday: monday edition

This is a sunrise photo I took this morning. I really like it. The beauty of itself is beyond description. It reflects God’s mighty and marvelous works. Just lately I take time to be able to witness the sun rises everyday if given a chance. I do accept that there were so many times that I just ignored it. I now really appreciate the beauty and wonders of it. Have a wonderful week every one.

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