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The top 5 American Idol finalists

The top 5 finalists of the American Idol. David Cook, Syesha Mercado, Brooke White, David Archuleta and Jason Castro. They are all great. My favorite is Brooke White. I wanted her to be the winner. She is very talented and has a very nice voice. Most of all,  she has the star factor.

A cat named gishi

My sister had a cat named gishi. The cat was her companion when she moved to another country. Gishi was really of great help for her emotionally. When she was sad and lonely it was her who gave her comfort and happiness. She did take good extra care of her and provided everything she needed like a cat tree. It was a great loss when gishi was hit by a vehicle and died.

Health is wealth

Health is very important to everyone of us. We work hard in order to provide for our basic needs to survive and to have a quality life. Health is wealth. When our health is failing everything is in vain. It will hinder our dreams and plans for the future. Having a health insurance like NC health insurance is vital for us. It is better to be prepared because we don’t know what lies ahead of us.

WW: a stormy sunrise

I have taken many sunrise photos. This is unique because it is not just a sunrise but it is a stormy sunrise. It is so amazing to witness the supernatural color of the mighty power of the creator.

My friend’s birthday

Today is a very special day of my dearest friend. I have known her for 6 years already. She is one the best friends I have. Before she left for Canada, we always serenade her during her birthdays. I miss her a lot. We did so many crazy things together, deliver babies together, visiting patients together. Those were the days. I am so thankful that memories are forever. I wish that God will bless her life all more this year and the years to come. May her dreams come true.

A treat to have

One of the things we can give to ourselves as a treat is to have a comfortable bed. After a long hard day at work, it feels so good to be resting and relaxing in our bed. It is the place where we can sleep soundly and find comfort. For the people who have  back problems like me you really need adjustable beds. You can adjust it to the level of your comfort.

Man’s best friend

As it has been said that dogs are “man’s best friend”. Dogs are the best companion we can have. Having a dog as a pet is one of the greatest experience. They are very good in guarding us and our house. In return we must love them. One of the ways to show it is to feed them and have dog supplies at hand that they deserve.

The way we look

The way we look affects our social life. When we feel good about ourselves it increases our self-confidence. It will not hinder the way we face and communicate with people. Having an acne is one of disastrous occurrences that really worries the individual. It is worth to have acne treatment. There is a need to consult a dermatologist about this regimen.

Beauty in every season

Each season has its own  beauty and ways to look great. As humans, we have a tendency to be creatures of the season; it is how many of us eat, how we play, vacation, it is how we live. Our beauty regimen is also seasonal, in the winter we use rich creams and balms, as spring peeks through, a good exfoliation is a must have to scrub away dead cells and expose a fresh new layer of supple healthy skin. Summer brings us longing for light skin conditioners, facial masques and body sprays. The best part of seasonal beauty is that you can most likely take a stroll through your kitchen and garden to gather much of what you need for your own personal skincare menu


One of the things I need to have when I will have children is mini trampoline. I think it is so much fun for me and my family to play with it. It is one of the ways to have bonding time. It will not just give us fun but it is also good for the health. It is good way to have strong bones and muscles.

Travelling insurance

One of the dreams I have is to travel around the world. At first I do not think about insurance in travelling. Just recently realized the importance to have a travel insurance. I was just thinking that what if I become ill or having accident abroad. Having the insurance it would not be hard for me to find a doctor or health care facility.

WW: The best surprise

This is taken when my best friend came to our open house party. It was the best surprise I ever had. She left in the place where we worked together. I thought I would never see her again. She went home in Canada for 2 years. I was happy to see her and spend time with her.

The surprise

I was so glad that I decided to join the dinner at my ex-boss house. I thought I will only see my friends and co-midwives that I worked with recently. To my surprise two of my good friends way back 9 years ago, were there. We were all excited to see each other. We really had fun and enjoyed the food. It was really fun talking about our funny experiences during those times.

Patch cables

In our house, we have so many line wires from computers, electrical wires, and jumbo speakers which my dad is making to sell. I always make sure that it is taking care of like using patch panels to make sure that we will not be having short circuits and to avoid problems like fire. Everyone should be very careful in taking care of the cables and wires in the house.

Photo hunt # 106: Thirteen (13)

It took me awhile to think what should be my entry for this week with this theme “thirteen”. I have a collection of old coins. An idea came into my mind. These are some of coins that I collected. Have a happy great weekend everyone.

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