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Syesha mercado bid goodbye


It is so sad that Syesha Mercado has to go home. I really like her. She has a very wonderful voice and she is pretty. Competition is like that someone has to be voted off. It doesn’t mean that she is no good but there are contestants who are greater than her.

Exercise at home

Health is wealth. It is our responsibility to take care of ourselves as it is God’s gift to us. We need to eat a balanced diet, drink plenty of water and regular exercise. Exercise is very important for us. It makes us feel good and away from any diseases. We don’t have to go to the gym or fitness program when we have our own exercise equipment at home.

Traveling to places

Traveling to places or traveling abroad is one of exciting thing we can do for ourselves. It could be to have vacation or business meetings. It makes it easy and comfy when we have all the travel supplies. It is always best to make sure that our luggage are safe. At Tamperseal they have all the things that you need.

Having a car

Having a car is a good investment because it becomes a necessity of our way of life. We just have to be very careful. If one of the parts needs replacement, replace it immediately. Whenever you have an AC needs like ac compressor, ac condenser, ac evaporator Discount Compressor has the highest quality products with a wide selection of A/C parts.

Top 4 American Idol


The top 4 finalists  David cook, Syesha Mercado, Jason Castro, David Archuleta. After Brooke was voted off last week, the remaining 4 continued on. They did all best for performance. It is so thrilling to see who will be voted off, and who will be the top 3.

Lighting Show place

In every place we need an adequate lighting fixtures. May it be in house, offices, restaurant, hotels and everywhere. A good lighting it is not just a necessity but it also gives beauty to the place. Just like in the house, every room needs specific lighting such as, bathroom, kitchen, outdoor lightings and many others. Lighting Show Place has all the Lighting brand we need.

The furniture catalog

In our house we usually order quality furniture that we needed. When you need to have any kinds of furniture like bedroom furniture, dining room furniture and living room furniture, as well as, home office entertainment and leather furniture, you need to have a furniture catalog provided at Boyles. It offers your favourite furniture and accessories, all at discount furniture prices.

The best buy

If you are looking for a place where you can find all the things that you need from computers and electronic gadgets, books, dvds, music, games and toys, indoor and outdoor home appliance, bags, jewelry and many more, you can always find a best buy at It is like a one stop shop where you can have the things you wanted.

Photo hunt: A mother’s day tribute




I want to share these pictures as tribute to all the mothers. Pictures are kind of blurry, the camera was not set in the right mode but I love these. These are one of those moments that I’ve treasured in my life. This was taken 2 years ago. I delivered my cousin’s 2nd baby, a home delivery. Her first baby (I also delivered, home birth) was there during the birth. As you can see in the first picture, she was touching her mother’s forehead as she was asking her if it was painful. I really can tell that she was sharing the pains with her mother. The second picture, she was looking at and acquainting her new brother. The third picture, is the best. She kissed her mom and her brother was looking at them. It’s wordless. It was one of those precious and wonderful time I have as a nurse-midwife. I really appreciate and salute all the mothers in the world, you are all awesome and amazing. Happy mother’s day.

WW: Unsual view

dsc07781.JPG While I was traveling, I was saw this very unusual thing running on the road. It is a motorcycle full packed of something that the driver was almost not seen. As you can see you can only see the one front gear. This is unbelievable. This is wordless. This is kind of blurry photo though but good enough to see what I mean.

Diet pill reviews

Many are over weight and are doing there best to loss weight. The best way to start it with is to have regular diet, regular exercise and drink adequate amount of water. When these will not help you be can use diet pills. Before taking any of those pills you need to make sure that it is safe and effective. Be informed about it with the diet pill reviews.

Photo hunt: Time for endorsement


This is my photo hunt entry for this week. It was taken during our birth room shift. It was a very quiet shift. My friend and I were doing crazy things. For eight hours there were no patients came in. We were so glad that the shift was almost over. Time for endorsement 2pm.

Simply covers

The office of the clinic where I work has a wonderful blinds with different colours. The window glasses are protected from the sunlight. It simply covers window and is an easy to use, and easy to install. The blinds make the office more convenient for our staff meeting. It gives the room an upgrade with their drapery like look.

No place like home

I dream to build my dream house one day. I want the door and window of my house be made of wood shutters. I really love to have wooden furniture too. It makes the house’s interior design wonderful. I want my house to be the best place for my family and to make us feel like there is no place like home.

The way I write

I love to write. My friend keeps on teasing me why I always write. I don’t know but I just love it. The way I write is dependent on the pen I used. It affects my mood to write. I really need to try and see to it that I like the pen before buying it like marketing pens.

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