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verse of the day

This photo is one of my sunrise photography collection. I never expected that I captured a bird on the roof. I was not the only who was waiting and witnessing as the sun rises. I love to post a verse of the day to keep me reminded of the word of God. In this verse I am reminded that in my life I need add on my faith virtue, knowledge, self control, perseverance, goodness, brotherly kindness, and love. It is my hope that I can practice it or live with it as a way of life. I admit that sometimes it is very hard especially when I am in the midst of trials and difficulties. I know that I will make it through little by little with God’s help.

Real time gps tracking device

One of the nicest things one can have who have cars is to have a real time gps tracking systems and device. One of the advantages of having one is, it gives you peace of mind. You can trace up the location of your car or you loved ones. It can protect your vehicle. When you have a chance why not purchase it?

Photo hunt# 116 : Bright

I really love taking sunrise photos. This is one of them. It feels so great to witness as the sun rises. I can really see how marvelous God is. His works are wonderful.

Auto body shop

There are many cases of vehicular accidents daily. I just visited my uncle who had an accident. There are a lot of reckless drivers driving around. Auto shops are needed for the repair. At auto body denver you can be sure that your vehicles will be as good as new.

My hospital watch

I volunteered myself to be watch my uncle in the hospital. I thank God that he is already stable. He is already on diet as tolerated. I did some make-over to him. lol! He still has some blood sticked to his ears, legs, and in nail beds. I did cut his fingernails in hands and in feet. I sponge bath him and scrubbed off the blood stuck in his fingers. I disinfected his mattress. I assisted him by with eating. I Discarded the urine output in the urinary bag. We did have a wonderful talk. I had a great time helping him. It was the first time that I serve my uncle fully.

Weight loss needed

Like many others, I don’t want to gain a lot of weight. I am thankful that even I eat a lot I do not gain more than the ideal body weight. When you are working hard to have loss weight with no avail, Store Body Building Factory has every thing you need to have weight loss, maintain, and build your physique.

Motorcycle accident

4 days ago, we were shocked to know that our uncle had a motorcycle accident. He was by a motorcycle. It was the neglient of the driver who hit him. My uncle was riding his bicycle and was hit by the fast running motorcycle. We found out the the driver was drunk and was over speeding. My uncle had a diagnosis of : Multiple rib fracture with femur fracture. We were so scared about it. He was in the ICU for 3 days. He undergone an operation and had blood transfusion. Thanks the Lord, now he is already stable. He still pale but very coherent. Has a good appetite. Hopefully he will recover very well. We are glad the driver who hit him helped in the hospital expenses.

Awesome retail baby clothing Website

In my profession, I am blessed to be a witness of the miracle of life. I delivered and assisted more 2000 babies. I really love them. They are so cute and they melt my heart. Truly they are bundles of joy. I really have fun bathing and clothing them. It is my honor to help parents put on their first baby clothes.
Babies deserve to have beautiful clothes. We can find some cool websites for them like Tiny Tiny Clothing. They have variety of matchless baby clothes to choose from. There is also a website Tie Dye Baby Clothes where you can find all the designs that you wanted.

WW: a child doing adult CPR

This is a very pretty and adorable girl. It is so cute to see her practicing how to do CPR in an adult. This is so funny. She is the daughter of my coworker. This was taken during our CPR seminar.

Polices gear: luminox watch

Nowadays, the peace an order in our country or the world in general is becoming at risk. It seems that it is impossible for our world to become a be a better or safer place to live in. There are conflicts between nations, wars, terrorisms, bombings, crimes and all bad elements that can happen. Despite what happens in our world, the police are trying to do their best to protect our respective governments and citizens. We must respect and salute them for their noble job. Everyday they are facing dangers and risks. They deserve to be happy even in little things like giving them Luminox watches.

A birthday card

I always keep all the letters I received especially from my ever dearest friend. This is one of them a birthday cards for me. She reminded me not to forget that God is able to do more far more for me than I ever could do for myself or that I could ever ask him for. I really love my friend. I am so grateful to God for our friendship.

International Air purifier

There are many advantages living in the city. You have all the access of Tertiary hospitals, government offices, highly standard schools, malls, and many others. If there are pros, there are also cons. One of the disadvantages is air pollution due to smoke, fumes and fuels. It is next to impossible to   breathe fresh air. It is very bad for our health. Good news for everyone. The impossibility of having fresh air before, now,  it is possible. The  polluted  air  can now be cleaned through purification by EcoQuest International air purifier. It is proven to eradicate smoke, odors and tobacco smoke. With it, we can live our lives to the fullest without even worrying air pollution. Homes  can a  very good  place to stay when we bring outdoor freshness into it. Heath is our wealth. We need to have those things that protect and maintain good health of our family.

God answers prayers

Even though two of my sisters were not around, last night was one of the happiest times we have as a family. We gathered together to pray and thank God. My mom read verses of the bible. Then each of us had our thanksgiving and prayer requests. It was so great because we  know what is going on in each other’s lives. We prayed for our sisters who are in other countries that God will take good extra care of them. We were so thankful to God for answering our prayers. The last time we gathered together was I think 3 weeks ago, we were praying to a specific situation of one of the members of our family. God is so faithful for He did good things out of the situation. I wish we could do that again more often.

Corporate Director recruiter

As I have observed in many years, I never saw anyone get rich by just working for someone or by practicing his/her profession. Like me I’ve been working for many years practicing my profession. I really had fun because it is what I want to do. After working for 9 years, I wanted to have a break and do other things. I wanted to have my own company where I am the boss. I know that it will not be easy. It needs a lot of preparation. Professional help is needed to be equipped on business strategies and on ways to handle people. Dennis Carey is a very professional person who will help everyone in business or corporate world to be successful. He is a CEO and Corporate Director Recruiter. He has all the qualification to help out what your company needs. If you want to know more about him just visit his site at

Saturday prayer meeting

Today we went to our church for our Saturday prayer meeting. My uncle was the one who was assigned to share God’s word. I was reminded with the one verse he shared. He shared a verse in Matthew 4:4, it says, ” the man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.” It reminds me that we will not just concern about nourishing our bodies with food but we must be concern on nourishing our souls with words of God by reading the bible, praying, listening to sermons, and quiet time with the Lord.

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