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Memories are like diamonds

Memories are like diamonds, they are forever. I was thinking lately that we are only just passing through in this world. It made me realized to cherish and treasure our time with our loved ones. Photographs are the best to keep as our remembrance through the years. When we need memory sticks for our digital camera or any gadgets we can find it at Memory Suppliers.

Affordable car insurance quote

As the world is experiencing crisis, almost everything became so expensive. In order for us to really well adjust to the economical crisis we should find a way to save. Just like getting car insurance, we need to find a company that offers affordable car insurance quote. It is one of the ways we can be sure that whatever happens along the way we can claim our car insurance.

Nice basketball block

Basketball is one of the games I love to watch. I think it is very interesting. In this picture, it is a local team. It is a perfect picture of blocking the ball without any violation.

Acne treatments

There are many things that will make us insecure. Just like having acne. It will make someone feel so insecure and as much as possible hide oneself from seeing other people. Before seeking acne treatments, you need to know first the cause. One factor that cause it is allergic reaction to certain food. Whoever has persistent acne try to consult a doctor to find out the food you are allergic to.

If there is a will, there is a way

. I was encouraged by the article that I read lately. It is about the frog. At the first picture, the frog looked at the only pole and think about the impossibility that he can hop in to it. But the frog found a way to how to reach at the top. What he did was, he made some poles where he can hop on little by little to the top. If there is a will there is a way.

Invest in your mind

I remember one funny commercial. It is all about fashion and gadgets. A woman in the commercial is very much concern about material things. Every time she buys something her body get bigger and bigger. She bought so many things. You can imagine now how she looks like. The funny thing was, as her body gets bloated her head gets shrink. The lesson that I got from it is that we should buy something to make our brains healthy like reading good books. Invest in your mind by buying the Amazon books. You can choose anything that interests you.

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

. Merry Christmas everyone. Let’s celebrate this holiday seasons with love, joy, peace, patience, kindness to everyone. Let us not forget the really meaning of Christmas. It is time to give something to Jesus like the gift of praise, the gift of forgiveness and most of all gift of thankfulness. As you can see in this picture, It was taken last December during our Christmas party. It was a contest who will win as Santa out of a creep paper and cotton balls. The girl in the left side won. It was a lot of fun.

The natural fat burner

There are two types of fat or cholesterol in our body, the good and bad fat. We can get both of these in the food that we eat. High cholesterol in our body is not good. It is one of the predisposing factors for having a cardiovascular disease. A natural fat burner is needed to get rid of the bad fat out of our body.

Holding a newborn

.The joy of holding a newborn baby is the best feeling in the world. Babies bring so much joy in us. Everything we hold them we feel a huge feeling of being loved. When you need to be relaxed and comforted, hold a baby.

Golf love story

I really like to see people playing golf. I want to try to play it whenever I have a chance. I remember a love story of my patient. She met her husband in a golf place where they are both working. She is an umbrella girl and her husband is a caddy boy, one who is carrying the golf bags of the players. I think it is one of the best love stories I ever heard from my patients.

Breasfeeding twins

. One of the twins that we delivered. It was a surprise twins. We did not have any ideas that this patient carried twins since her tummy is not that big. We were just wandering when the first baby came out very small. When we checked, there was another baby inside her uterus. Thanks God they both came out normally though we did resuscitation on both of them. They responded well after few minutes of CPR. To God be the glory. The twins are so cute. One weighed 1.8 kls and the other is 1.9 kls. After awhile breastfeeding were established.

Affordable Bathroom fixtures

Aside from our bedroom, bathroom gives us comfort. It is where we find comfort in times when we do not feel good. It is a great place to be when we want to be alone and find release. That is why it is very important that we have a wonderful bathroom fixtures and accessories. Whenever you want to improve your bathroom or replace any accessories in there, is the best place you can go. They offer the best that suits your taste.

No matter where our feet take us

These are my feet and my best friend’s feet. It is our promise that even we are world’s apart now, no matter where our feet takes us, our hearts will always be together. I miss her a lot. We call each other diamond cause diamonds are forever. I really thank God for bringing her into my life as a very dear friend.

Comfy footware

Our feet deserve to be treated well since they are very important in our daily lives. As much as possible we want our feet to be comfortable always. Just like wearing comfortable socks and shoes. All kinds of comfy shoes are found in Dansko shoes. They offer a wide array of branded men’s, women’s and children’s shoes to choose from. Now is the time to give our feet a break.

Our sibling reunion

Just 4 days ago, my sister came home from the other country. We are so glad that she came. We haven’t seen her for almost a year. Though we chat often we still miss her a lot. It feels so good to be together again as a family. It is a wonderful for us since my other sister who is working abroad came home too. What a precious time together laughing out loud as we used to. Thanks God for the good health, time and the chance that He gave us to be reunited again.

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