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Need a wireless router?

My sister and I were talking about purchasing a wireless router in our house so that we both have an access to internet at the same time. We only have a plug in net connection so only one of us can be on-line. We planned to have it for how many months already. It is so great that offered a wide array of router selection to choose from. I think we will choose the Linksys router. I like the style of it and at the same time it is affordable.

To the people I forgot to thank myspace graphic comments
Myspace Thank You Graphics

Today I felt so happy that I was able to thank my neighbor who offered me a ride. In my day today life I always want to take note of people who deserve recognition- the taxi driver who is carefully driving me home, the cashier for being on her feet all day, the customer-service rep for helping me with a bill. Let them know I appreciate them. It feels so good to see them smile at me in return. I know it is just an advantage of me but I know somehow in my own little ways, I made them feel special that made their day. But sad to say that sometimes I took some of them for granted and I forget to say thank you to them. I take this as in opportunity to say “Thank you” to all the people who made my day better. May God bless your heart more and more.

Get rid of acne and be slim

There are two major factors that affect the beauty of women. One is having acne and the other one is having an extra pounds. These two have a big impact on how the women feel about her self. Women want to get rid of acne and to loss weight. Decaslim is the solution for that. It is believe that it has a remedy for acne and it helps reducing weight. When you take this one, it seems like you are shooting two birds with one stone.

Fitting shoes a must

I was walking a lot yesterday under the heat of the sun. I went to different offices to follow up my documents. As a result, it made my feet so sore. Although my shoes fits is a good fit. It made some part of my feet reddened and painful. It is very important that we are wearing a comfortable and fitting shoes every time we go out. If wearing a well fitted shoes will cause some discomfort how much more if we are wearing badly fitting shoes.

Stabbing, and sometimes burning, pain radiating from the ball of the foot with tingling between the 3rd and 4th toes?

Morton’s neuroma occurs when the metatarsal bones in your feet are crushed together. This is often from badly-fitting shoes. The nerve between the 3rd and 4th toes is pinched between the bones and starts to thicken, becoming painful if more pressure is applied.

A podiatrist can make insoles for you. Cortisone and alcohol injections may reduce the swelling around the nerve. In advanced cases, you may need surgery.

Not just a diet pill

Toxins should be eliminated from our body. That is why we need to have a regular bowel movement to eliminate those toxins out. There are some drugs that increase peristalsis thus inducing waste elimination and cleaning the colon. Slimquick Cleanse is one example. It is not only for colon cleansing but it also helps losing some weight when you are conscious about having an ideal weight.

Surprising day

I received a long distance call from my close friend in Canada. She asked me what I think happened this day with excitement and enthusiasm in her voice. I told her her boyfriend proposed to her. I was right. I was so excited for her but a little bit of sad at the same time because i feel like I will loss her. But I choose not be sad but to be proud, happy and excited for her. She told me that I will her maid of honor. I made me feel so special. Though I already resigned from being a maid of honor or bridesmaid last 5 years ago, I automatically reapply for the position.. haha..haha.. I am very excited. Though it needs a lot of work for me to go to her place. I need to save and make sure I will be granted a visit visa for that matter. I hope God will be in control of everything. I really wanted to go. I can’t afford to not see her on her wedding day.

Heavy duty cash drawer

As a supervisor on duty, it is my responsibility to count the money in the cash box every shift. It has been a while that we are using a broken box. I think now is the time to change our cash drawer to a heavy duty one. It is very important to have a safe keeping for our money.

WW: Watermelon contest

It was one of the group contests we had in our church. We grouped ourselves into 5 groups. The dynamic of the game, the group who consumed the watermelon first will be the winner. It was really fun. Look at the watermelon aftermath… =)

Simply the best online store

Lately, I used to buy the things I needed online. I found it a great way to save my time and gas compare to going to the store myself. I did a lot of canvass though as to what store offers a great sale and I found the I really like it because it is like a one stop store where you can buy anything that you need. Most of all I like it because they offer free shipping. It is a great savings that I can have.

Great sports gifts for young teens

. I am handling Young teens in our church. It is an interesting as well as a challenging task. I like it though. Two months ago, I went with them for a Youth Camp or fellowship. I was so amazed how they behaved and how they cared themselves. I thought they would give me a headache but they didn’t. One of the things that surprised me the most was that they played basketball very well. It was my first time to see them play. They played like professionals. I am so proud of them. I was thinking of giving them sports gifts as a way of appreciating them. it will help them be encouraged more into sports rather than doing somethings are prohibited by the law.

WW: Isn’t she pretty?

She is one of the most adorable child I ever know. Time is really running so fast. This little sweetie grows up so fast. It seems that it was only yesterday that we carried her as an infant. She is amazing. She does things that amazes us.

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