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Figure conscious

I have friend who used diet pills in order to loss her weight a little. She is not that big though but she is very much conscious about her figure. I always emphasize to her that she looks great. She obviously lost weight though and honestly she looks better than before. I advice her stop taking those pills and try natural way maintaining the ideal weight gain.

Baggy and puffy eyes

I used to have problems with my eyes. I am a late sleeper so my eyes get tired. Sometimes too when my allergies attack it will swell my eyes and it is not fun. It is wonderful to know that there is a simple way to get rid of the tired and puffy eyes.It works.

Are you struggling with baggy and, puffy eyes due to a lack of sleep and struggling to get up in the cold winter mornings? Take a used, damp tea bag that has been placed in the fridge for a few minutes and lie with it on your eyes for at least ten minutes. It needs to be a ceylon teabag as it contains an ingredient called tannin which will help relieve tired and puffy eyes.

Think green and save green

Are you aware that every one of us can help our environment and maintain our planet green by having a gift card? Isn’t it great that even we don’t do anything we help save our mother earth? offers any kind of cards you needed. They are using recycled materials and a soy ink. Be an environment friendly. Think green and save green.

Boxes of gifts

My sister sent 2 big boxes of gifts from abroad. We really had a wonderful time opening and know what is in the boxes. It has lots of chocolates and clothes in it. There is also lots of Danskoshoes in it. They are all fantastic, fashionable and comfortable shoes. I got 2 pairs of them. I really like it. Thank you so much sis so thoughtful of you. You just don’t know the happiness it brought to us.

WW: blue sky

I like taking shots with the nature. It made more appreciative of the beautiful God has made for us which most of time people take for granted. I always see to it that I take time to enjoy and savor the moment of the beautiful scenario which will just pass and not coming back again.

A way we can save

I think the global crisis is already felt by most of the people around the world. There are many workers who are laid off because the company cannot already afford to pay them. To be wise and go on with life, we should be clever enough to find ways where we can save. Before purchasing anything that we need, we should check out where is the best place where we can have the sale or have promotional product that we needed.

Eating and harvesting fruits

Our siblings and I grew up in the country in my grandmother’s place. We really like the place. We have so memories there that we used to laugh when we are recalling it. We really had fun eating and harvesting different kind of fruits that my grand parent had planted like Mulberry trees. They were so generous for letting us eat as much as we want to. They told us to plant our own fruit trees as soon as we can for us and for our own children someday.

For laparoscopy surgery

My best friend on the phone today. She was sharing with me her experiences and her up coming surgery. She was married for 6 years now. She had one miscarriage and never get pregnant again. They went to their infertility doctor many times. She undergo insemination three now already but not successful. Her doctor advised her to have a laparoscopy sugery. It is the visualization or the abdominal and female reproductive organs to know if there are adhesions, endometriosis or fibroids that causes a blockage for the fertilized egg to be implanted in her womb. I will go with her in the operation because her husband will not be around and her mom is already old. We are hoping that everything will be alright.

Furniture concept

My co-workers and I planned to put up our own small business. We already found the building. Right now we are on the process of deciding and planning what is best for our office. We got some office furniture concept for free online. We will probably go with this one because it offers free furniture shipping. It would be of great help for us. We are hoping we will be successful in our business.

Bless yourself

Everyone of us work very hard to accomplish the things we need to accomplish. We sometimes the business of our lives made us no time for ourselves.  Many times people do not see our accomplishment. The worst part is that we ourselves do not appreciate our own.  We should compliment our self for it will give us confidence to face a new challenge. We should all take time to  look into our own eyes in the mirror and say “ you’re trying hard at {fill in the blank}. Thank you. “ or sit down with a cup of tea and make a list of what you appreciate about yourself. It’s not being conceited to give yourself a compliment. It will give us an inner strength and you will feel confident.

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