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Three feasts everyday

One of the ways to feel great after all the work and demands of life is to aim three feasts everyday. A “feasts” isn’t necessarily food. It’s anything that nourishes you physically and emotionally like: a stunning sunset, a little walk in the park, watching children play, evening spent with good friends, star gazing and etc. These are easy to do and it doesn’t cost you anything. Why not do these and be refreshed and be happy?

Happy smile

Having pearly white teeth makes one look and feel great about oneself. It adds beauty and self confidence. When you have troubles with your teeth and needs help you definitely needs cosmetic dentist. When you are living in Orange, New Jersey it is very easy to find orange nj cosmetic dentist` in your area. Enhance your confidence by having an attractive wonderful smile.

Financial and accounting decisions

In the business world it is very important to know how to manage your finances and accounting. It is one of the vital parts in business that needs to be addressed to be successful. There are available Circuit City books that is very helpful for your financial and managerial accounting decisions. It is worth to invest a little by buying the book.

See the positive light

Every person experiences down moments in life. Discouragement and disappointment come along the way. The choice is yours. If you want to win against the negative feelings then look on the bright side of life. Studies of people who live past 100 show that they tend to see life in a positive light. If you find yourself fretting about future event, take five minutes to imagine that it will have a positive outcome.

Hard working dad

My dad is a talented man. He can do almost everything. I really appreciate how hard he works for us. Even he works night shift, he still do something around the house in the morning until an hour before work. He is very particular in terms of buying things in the house just like buying undermount sink. Although sometimes he doesn’t take our suggestions but we are sure that what he buys is the best. Right now, he is on the process of renovating our living room and our kitchen.

Fetal demise

I am so sad the other day. A pregnant patient handed me her ultrasound result. She had a prenatal check up earlier that day and was advised to have an ultrasound because when the midwife who checked her did not hear the heart beat of the baby. It is sad to know that her baby is already died inside the womb or it is called fetal demise. She was crying. It broke my heart. She is just only 19 weeks pregnant. There are so many factors to consider why it happens.


It is sad for me to know that my dearest missionary friend and her family will move to another place soon. It will be very hard to take cross country moving without the help of a moving company. Life is easier having them. Right now, she is already started packing and getting rid of all the things she doesn’t need by giving it all away. I wish that her family will adjust well to the new life they will be having.

Disability Insurance and benefits

I realized how important it is to have a disability plan in a trusted and dedicated insurance company. When a friend of ours got an accident that made him disabled. It is hard for the whole family to go through the incident but it did help having the disability insurance and Medicare benefits with the financial and health care services needed.

Stay hydrated

For the past 6 weeks, I had everyday adventure with my dearest friend in India in which the weather is so hot and very humid. We were always walking to visit friends and some of her client. It was so easy to get dehydrated. I always had a big bottle of water every day. As it is said to keep fatigue at bay, drink four to six 8-ounce glasses of filtered water a day. Drink even more if you’re exercising strenuously or sweating.

Phentermine review

Are you having a hard time choosing which diet pill is safe and effective to lose weight? You are not alone. There are so many individuals out there who are having hard times knowing the best one for them. To have an answer to this question just read the phentermine review. You will understand the mechanism of actions or how it works, how safe and effective it is.

Laundry humper

Life is easier with the new inventions and technologies available just like the new high tech laundry hamper. It makes it faster carrying or transporting the laundry down wherever you are especially the ones who are living in an apartment building. It is not only be used for laundry but it can also be used for transporting equipments, groceries, toys and etc.

Take a de-stressing bath

It is always feels great to take a bath after a long day. It is always great to pamper yourselves with something that you really like and enjoy with. Do you enjoy a bubble bath? Take it a step further, and try a de-stressing camomile tea bath. Simply fill a small muslin bag with 1-2 tablespoons of camomile tea, seal it, and float it in a warm bath. Alternatively, make a pot of camomile tea and add it to your bath water. Enjoy this relaxing and de-stressing bath – you deserve it.

A Broken heart

I am kind of disappointed when I learn about the problem of my laptop. I left it to someone who will be using it for a certain occasion while I was out of the country for a couple of weeks. I trust that it will be taken good care of. My heart was broken knowing it because I really treasured for it has a sentimental value. It is my sister’s gift to me. I just console myself thinking that it will be fixed.

Before buying diet pills

There are a lot of women anywhere in the world who are curious about what is the best diet pill available. Because there are a lot of them it is hard to choose what is best and suites for them. Two things that should be taken seriously about before buying drugs to loss weight are: how safe and how effective the drugs would be.

Stool Exam

It is done to rule out the presence or absence of ova or intestinal parasite. The doctor may order and say O & P x 3 days. This means 3 consecutive bowel movements in 3 consecutive days. Keep the sample warm and urine free (NCLEX question). You can refrigerate if you can’t run to the lab right away.
If the patient does not go to the bath room everyday how would you check for the stool? If he goes every other day like M W F, then collect the sample M W F. If patient only have bowel 2 x a week M TH then, collect on Monday and Thursday.
Tell the patient if he is waiting for the stool collection to check for parasite, if she is on antibiotic therapy (ABT), that she needs to stop it 7-10 days before starting the stool collection. Antibiotic does not kill the parasite but what happens the parasites gets into hiding.
Tell patient that if he is taking mineral oil or peptobismol, not to take it and don’t schedule for barium enema before collecting stool for Ova and Parasite.

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