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Life insurance rate

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Acne treatment

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India: Day four

We went to our patient’s house. We did a first day check up on the patient and baby. The baby is so cute. The patient is still recovering but doing so well. She is enjoying her baby so much. All of their vital signs were normal. Then after the check up, we went to the house of our other patient which is 3o minutes away by rickshaw for prenatal check up. She is pregnant for the fifth time. I was so glad to meet her for the first time. She is so sweet and her four other children are so adorable. Everything was great. Then we went home.

Family get away

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Best exercise

Exercise is very important to keep us fit and healthy. Brisk walking is the best exercise. You can do that by walking in the park or in the vicinity near your place. But it is still possible to do that right at your own house at your own convenience by having one of the treadmills. Make it a habit and be fit.

India: Day three

We attended the “India Birth Mela”. I was so tired but was able to survive the whole day affair. It was a great success. It was the first time the Birth India conducted the fair. There were lots of stalls offering baby stuff. My friend’s team are selling baby slings and breastfeeding poncho. I helped them by doing sales took whenever people will come to our stall. We sold a good amount of baby slings. My friend got some new clients for her. She is offering pregnancy services like prenatals, pregnancy lectures, and being a doula during their hospital births. We were so glad when it was over. When we were about to go home, one of the teams got hurt with his finger. It was stuck in the taxi’s door when the driver shut the door. So it took us a while to go because our other friend went to find ice. It was not fun.

Moving companies

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Fat burner Stimerex

Do you have a hard time losing your extra weight despite the things you do? Stimerex ES is what you are looking for. It is one of the best effective fat burners available and at the same time it will boost your energy, and regulate your appetite so it will prevent you from craving for carbohydrates and sweets. There is still hope to achieve an ideal body weight.

India: Day two

My friend and I went out and strolled about the place when our patient called stating that she is already in labor. So we hurriedly went to their house which is a 45 mins away by train and 30 minutes by rickshaw. It was so perfect because she was in labor a day after I arrived there. Three weeks before I arrived, the patient can be in labor anytime. But God really cause everything to work out. I just rested one day after the flight then she had her baby. It was her first baby. She delivered in the garden in the pool. It was our first water birth. It went so well and fast. She only had eight hours total labor. The baby was out with nuchal coil. She bled but recovered well. It was a great success for both of us. PTL. The only thing was, I had dysmennorhea and took advil for pain. I took it even though I knew that I am allergic to it. I just want to have no pain because I cannot function well if the pain will stay. So I was assisting and charting with my eyes swollen.
The patient gave birth at 7:02pm so we slept at their house after everything was done. Then we went back to our apartment about 7am because we need to attend the “Birth India Mela”. We were tired but were very fulfilled.

Elegant showers

It always my routine to take a shower every after shift. Sometime I took a shower twice because of the hot weather. It is sad to know though that the shower faucets in our bathrooms need to be replaced. We still have to request from our utility personnel for a brand new one. My friend and I already chose one of the elegant shower faucets at

Family friend

I have a family friend in Canada who lived in the Philippines for 10 years. I was sad when they left but it is time for their family to be reunited. But we still communicate through chat, phone calls and face book messaging. One of the things they are thankful when they start settling there is having a bell tv in which they can watch movies with so many channels to choose from.

India: first day

My first day in India was so great. I slept the whole half day and my friend showed me the place around. I was so amazed by the Indian culture. I really love to see the women wearing their saris. I never dreamed that I can see them in person. I thought I could only see women wearing that saris in pictures or movies. My friend introduced to their railway station friends. I was so glad to meet them. They were so friendly. How I wish I could speak and understand their language.

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