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Sleep more soundly

Pamper yourself with a great and marvelous sleep after working hard by having one of the best mattresses that will provide you with great comfort and rest. It is really good for back aches or issues. You will sleep more soundly and wake up refreshed any stiffness and you will ready to face a new day.

Essential for well-being

Cleanliness is next to Godliness. When you have a clean house everything runs smoothly. You will be in good mood and it make you feel better about yourself and the other people living in the house. You can use steam cleaner to clean and sanitize your floor, carpet and any places in the house without living any residue behind. It is essential for your health and well being.

India: Day 10

Today was a very long day. My friend and I were out for 12 hours. We started up the day meeting a client whom my friend delivered her baby. We brought the birth stool with us which for heavy because someone wants to rent it. Then we went to the La Leche League meeting. It was my first time to attend such organization. It was great. There were many moms with their babies in there and some pregnant women. It is all about breastfeeding the advantages and disadvantages, questions and problems encountered during breastfeeding. I learned many things in there.
After the meeting, we went to see a little boy in the station.  We encouraged the mother of that boy to bring the baby to the hospital due to severe malnutrition and seemed like dying. Then after eating we went to the station with Ahoi to meet the 2 orphanage staff and talked about the boy for adoption since his mother is so irresponsible and have been drinking alcohol. The child’s brother was already in the other orphanage. Then it was decided that the baby needed to be hospitalized and the orphanage staff brought the baby in there. My friend brought some pair of clothes for the boy that we dropped in a certain place called Nahim. We rode a double-dick bus. It was my first time. We sat on the second deck. It was so fun. Then we went to another place to visit and check up on a new client who is a 40 y.o pregnant with her first baby. It was so funny because the client said it is only a 5 minutes walk away from the station but it took us like 20 minutes walking. It was so hot and it is exhausting. Her husband and she were so sweet. They offered us an apple juice which I like so much and it was refreshing. We spent almost two hours there. Then we went home. We picked up my new pair of my new dress. We were so excited. I liked it very much. We had an Indian meal dinner prepared by our other friend. It was no nice of her.  The day was so exhausting but we were so glad that we accomplished many things that were planned.

Holiday best place

Do you feel like you are about to burn out? Do you feel like you need a big time break? Do not deprive yourself from enjoying time away from your job and the demands of the world. Now is the best time to treat yourself to a get away holiday at one of the los cabos hotels where you will be sure to have a great and wonderful time to be relaxed and be refreshed.

Motorcycle jack on sale

Owning a motorcycle is so much fun. It is great risk for accident though. You just have to be very careful in driving. You really make sure that you wear helmets. You also need some tools like motorcycle jack with you just in case there will be trouble while you are on your way. You find whatever you need with your motorcycle at where you will enjoy discounts just right for you.

India: Day nine

We woke up very early because we will go to the place called Khopoli which is very far three hours fast rain ride. It was so great to be able to see beautiful places on the way. We accompanied a family who will be renting a house there to start their business. After our train ride we ate in a restaurant and then walked under the heat of the sun for about 30 minutes. Then to our dismayed the owner of the houses raised the rental right after seeing foreigners with the local family so it was not pursued. Then we walked back again to see other house that was contacted by that family before we came. Then it did not worked out. We were so disappointed. Then we walked back to the station to ride the train back. It was super hot and the train was so slow. It was very terrible but it was a good experience though. We were so tired to the max when we arrived at the house.

Get the look

Get the look “the ultimate glamour” by choosing one of the leading weight loss pills to obtain the ideal weight that you’ve wanted. It will enhance your beauty and at the same time it is good for you health. Say goodbye to insecurities and old self and welcome the new you. You can now wear the latest fashion that you’ve always wanted without worrying about your figure.

Greatest wealth

Health is really our greatest wealth. Whenever one get sick everything else seems no meaning. I felt that way when I was hospitalized due to sever pain in my right flank. It also made me feel that it is really important to have a health insurance so that our family will not worry about the hospital bills. But before engaging to an insurance company you need to make sure that it is the health insurance lead among others. Having that insurance makes you feel secured and protected.

India:Day eight

Today was our off day. My friend is so nice for letting me see the beautiful spots in the city. We ride a train for about 45 minutes. We reached to the CST station (Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus). Then we walked out from the railway station then we saw beautiful buildings. The buildings were amazingly built. Then we ride a taxi going to the Gateway of India. It is one of the most beautiful places I’ve been. There were so many people locals and foreigners visited the place. Then I was glad to see the Taj Hotel which is just facing the Gateway. We still can see the nearly finished renovation from the attack of the terrorist in that hotel last year. The hotel looks awesome. Then we walked around the place and had our lunch at Leopold’s Cafe. It is a famous place for the foreigners to dine. My friend and I were so shocked to see the remnant of the broken glasses and the bullets sites of the terrorist attack same time with the Taj hotel. My friend asked the waiter why it was still there because it is a good sight. It is a bad memory of what happened since there were many lives lost in that incident. We were so surprised what the waiter told us. He said, “It is becoming a famous site because people want to look at it.” Until now I still cannot understand why it becomes a famous site in their cafe.
After we ate our lunch, we ride a taxi going to the Breach Candy Club. While riding the taxi, we passed to the Chowpatty Beach. It is a wonderful huge beach. We let the taxi stopped for us to take some pictures of it. We spent a great time in Breach Candy club. My friend’s friend let us go in with the use of her name because you can’t go in if you are not a member. It is very beautiful place to rest and relax. They have wonderful big swimming pools and it is beside the ocean. What a great view! My friend and her friend went swimming while I was reading a wonderful book while baby sitting the baby. Then after spending about three hours in there we went to Mahalaxsmi. It is an open laundry place where so many laundries were done mostly by men. It was awesome. It was sad because when we went there it was already late so we did not get clear pictures of it. Then we went to the station to ride a train going home which is very adjacent to the place.
Wow! What a wonderful day we had. I really had a great time. I am so thankful for my dearest friend for letting me see those beautiful places.

Water filters

Water is the most vital essentials we really need to have. That is why we really need to make sure that it is safe to drink to avoid harmful bacteria that will lead to sickness like diarrhea, amoebas and other diseases brought by contaminated water. The water filters are very important to have to strain and collect particles and other harmful substances. Whether or not the water looks clear is no guarantee that it is pure and clean. Gone are the days when people just get water directly from a flowing stream, or from a well or even drink directly from faucets without fear of contamination. However, today we have a far different scenario. We must have to exert effort to make sure that the water we drink is pure and clean.

Classes were suspended

The after effect of the two super typhoons in the Philippines is really unimaginable. There are places that it is like wiped out from the map. There are many houses were lost. The people that were affected were evacuated in schools and other public places. The classes were suspended and will resume when everything is settled. Just this week the government announces that classes should resume. It is so sad to see that it really needs time to clean the room and fix all the classroom chairs, black boards and etc. Hopefully as soon as possible the classes will begin again.

Inida: Day seven

We went to our patient for postpartum visit and check-up. The baby grew so fast. He is breastfeeding so well. The patient was doing well. I really had great time riding in the train and rickshaw though the heat kills me. I made sure that I brought my water bottle with me.

Super typhoon

The super typhoon Ondoy that occurred in Manila Philippines for the past two weeks was really a devastating one. It costs so many lives. Until now, there are still people missing. My heart was really broken into pieces seeing those people who lost their loved ones, homes and other properties. There were a lot of cars destroyed found in the streets. It is good for the car owners who got their car insurance obtained included for flood and fire insurance, they will get the insurance from the insurance companies. This disaster was not expected so people are not prepared for it. Hopefully, the companies will make move to reconsider helping the car owners who have no insurance.

Get away vacations

Discover and plan a personal and family holiday get away orlando vacations. It is worth to treat yourself and your family a holiday from working so hard. Give yourself a break and have time and fun away from the demands of the world. Choose what is the best destinations you wanted to go and grab the great savings you can avail.

India: Day six

My friend was not around because she accompanied other patient at the hospital to deliver. It took her a long time. So I went with my new friend and helped her with the kids. It was an immunization day so we took 4 children to the health center. It was kind of hard because I was asked my times about the baby’s information and I told them in English but they can’t understand and I cannot understand their language but in the end we figured things out. I hurt my arms after because the baby that I was carrying was heavy but I had a great time though. I was glad to see how they do things in there.

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