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India: Day 15

It is our off day.We went to the hospital to visit the malnourished boy which in New Mumbai. We rode about an hour by train going there. When we arrived there the boy was sleeping and looks a little better. We just left the clothes and stuff toy for him that we bought before coming to the hospital. After spending time in there we went home and ate lunch at the nice big mall near Vashi station. We had our lunch in a big mall in there. We ate in subway…. so yummy!!! Then we had a natural water melon ice cream. Then we went to the shopper stop to buy clothes for me. My friend gave me a gift check. It took a long time to find clothes that fits me. My friend found a wonderful top for me. After that we went to the hypercity. She bought and IPOD for me. What a surprise!!!!! My friend is so very nice. She told me that it is her gift for me for coming and dropping my life to help her. I was so touched. It is one of the great gifts I received from her. Then we went to the grocery area to buy the things that we needed. Then we went home and had a great dinner and chocolates.

Make a habit exercise

There are many ways in doing exercise to develop strength, flexibility and endurance. Kettlebells is one of the ways to obtain it. It is unique that no other implement can be used for such a vast array of exercises. It will specifically help you develop a solid foundation, increased grip strength and increased power. Because it is portable, you can take them with you to the gyms or anywhere.

Healthy colon

A healthy colon is very important to good health. That is why doing colon cleanse, detoxing and parasite cleansing is a must because everything we eat ends up in our bowels as toxins or waste. As these toxins build up, we end up with various diseases, such as overweight, constipation and etc. For more information regarding this matter you need to read some of colon cleanse reviews for better understanding.

India : Day 14

Today we washed our clothes. Then my friend and I practice suturing to a chicken meat. I made the laceration and I let my friend suture it. She did great. It was so much fun. Then in the afternoon we went to PMC (Municipal Court) to follow up the attorney for the birth certificate of the children in the station with Cathy and 2 friends with their children. Then we ate then after that my friend and I went to see a patient Sabina who was having problems with breastfeeding. We were so surprised when we arrived at their house. They are very rich. The client wanted me to hire a midwife from the Philippines to help her with her baby even though she already has private nurses. There was no really a big problem with her breastfeeding. She was doing right. She just needed assurance that she did the right thing. On the way home my friend got me a new top. I was so happy.

India: Day 13

Today we cleaned the house. It took us all morning to clean. After cleaning up we went out to visit our station friends. We spent a quality time with them. The children were so cute. Then after awhile we went home and got ready for the wedding. We were invited to attend a wedding. We ride in a train to get their and then ride a rickshaw. The wedding did not start yet when we arrived. It started about an hour after. It was my first time to attend an Indian wedding. It was so fun and very different from the other weddings I attended to. They do not have rings for each other. The husband gave gold with black thing necklace. It is a sign that if the woman wearing it, she is already married. Then they do not kiss in the public. We had great fun. There many people. There were many beautiful women wearing their saris. We had a wonderful time.

The best one

There are so many diet pills circulating in the market today. It is very hard to know what is the best and effective one. Before buying anything you need to find out what is really the best one that is good for your health and the one that will serve its purpose of losing weight. You will find some information regarding this at

Software antivirus

Computer is one of the best invention we have enjoyed today. It really makes our life more convenient and easier. You can almost do everything we need to do. We can surf and search the things we wanted to search on. We can communicate people around the world through the use of the internet. We can store and save important files, programs, photos, music and games. It can also be our entertainment means of watching videos and movies. These are just some of the advantages of a computer. In almost everything there are also a down side. The computer sometimes does not work properly when the memory is almost full or when it is invaded with computer viruses. But this virus can be protected by a antivirus software. The Sun Belt Software is one of the best because it does not slow down your computer function when you download it. Let your computer have a full protection.

India : Day 12

We had our weekly meeting and worship. We are all taking notes on the things we needed to do for the week. After the meeting, my friend and I went to help Messy bean having trouble with breastfeeding. Then we went to Breach Candy to visit her patient that she helped during her birth at the hospital. The patient is doing well. I was glad to meet her and her family. Then we went back home and ate our dinner at the restaurant.

Precious keeping

My dad went to many places in our country together with his co-officials. They had a 8-day educational tour. They went most of the tourist spots of the certain places. They really had a wonderful time and of course the fun and excitement is not complete when there were no picture taking. It is timely that he had my digital camera with a micro sd card in which he can take as many pictures he wants. Pictures are precious for keeping our memories alive.

Plasma tv

Make your home theatre systems gives you a perfect experience that is no less than watching the movie in a theater by having one of the plasma tvs available. It has a good surround sound effects, amazing display and incredible performance. Not only that it provides quality video and audio in your home that makes it a great means of entertainment.

India: Day 11

We went to do one week check up with the patient what we delivered. We were so surprised that the baby gained a lot of weight. According to the patient, the baby is always breastfeeding. Everything is great. Then we went to our other pregnant patient. We rode a rickshaw which is 30 minutes away. But we arrived in the place 30 minutes early so we decided to eat our lunch in cafe shop. We ordered Indian pizza. I liked the taste of it. Then we had an ice cream which is very refreshing. Then we went to the patient’s house. Everything was normal with her and her baby. We like the natural water melon that they always give us every time we went there. Then we went home and took a nap before we have our worship meeting. Then we watched silent witness in TV. We like it very much. It is all about murder cases that were solved.

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