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India: Day 32

Lina and I woke up late in the morning. Then in the afternoon we went to see a client Lalita at Andheri. We rode a train about 45 minutes and walked about 20 minutes. Before going to their place we dropped at McDonalds to eat ice cream. The heat of the sun was very exhausting so the ice cream was so refreshing. We had a wonderful time with the couple. Lina was teaching about what to expect during labor and delivery. We were given apple juice and some Indian food.

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Pre-employment screening

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India: Day 31

Today is our off day. But Lina, Ahoi and I went to Khogar to visit Ram who is in the orphanage. We really had a great time playing with the children in there. There are about 16 of them. They seem very happy. The founder of that orphanage just arrived from the US and got them crocs and quilts. And then we had our lunch at the Chinese restaurant. Then we went to another orphanage to visit Ram’s brother Lakhan. He was very malnourished and almost near to dying when we saw him in the station. Lina was the one who referred him to the orphanage. We were so happy to see him gained a lot of weight. It was sad because they changed his name to Samuel. Lina is trying to figure out to let the two brothers will be put in the same orphanage. After visiting we dropped by and visit our station friends and then go home. It was a very long day. It was exhausting but fulfilling.

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India: Day 29

Today iss our off day. Lina and I slept the whole morning. Then we went to Vashi in the afternoon to shop and eat at our favourite place the “subway” and then we ate watermelon natural ice cream very yummy.!!! We went to hypercity to buy food. We went home and then we watched “waking up the dead”. We used to watched it very week. It is like CSI. We really like it.

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India: Day 28

I woke up around 10 am. I went to the guy’s house to help with the Kids club. I met Aishwarya. She is very beautiful 8 year old girl. She is very smart and speaks English very well. We had a wonderful time with the kids. We had games and bible story and new songs. It was fun but I was exhausted after. I went home and I slept about an hour before we will go and visit our station friends. But I did not go because I was not feeling well so I stayed home and I watched movies entitled “Provoked and Traffic Signal.” Those were nice movies. I love the “traffic signal because I met one of the casts in person. She is the mother of Aishwarya a little friend of mine.

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India: Day 27

Today we all went to the Crawford Market via CST train. We had the best train fast ride ever. We went to look for good materials for the couch. We went to stall after stall. It took us awhile to find the best one. Then after buying those, my friend and I went to Andheri which will take like 45 mintues train ride to visit a client named Diana, a Romanian pregnant client. After riding the train we ride in a taxi and it took us about 30 minutes. This patient is well off. After visiting her we all went to the hospital to meet her doctor so that my friend her midwife will have birth plan together with the doctor. The hospital is very big and it is newly built. I was glad to meet her doctor. The doctor is very nice.
We went home via bus. And we dropped by to Joban’s store where we had our clothes made. Lina bought some clothes for her. Before dropping home we went tot he guy’s house to pick up the labor and postpartum form. Then all of us went out for a dinner at the mall in “Little Italy”. A very expensive restaurant but has yummy food. Finally we arrived home late. It was a very long day..

Computer age

Today that we are in computer age, it’s really important to know the computer, not only because it is in today, but it’s because everything today is work by computer, it helps us to improve our living, it makes us easy our tasks not only at home, even in office, transportation, communication, & etc. Computer can give more information for us. Other than that,it also have more benefit and able to help us in daily,especially in our job,such as to research about something we don’t know or we don’t understand about something and we can use computer to help to make our job become easy cause we can work in more convenient with computers. We could do things better with computers by searching on their information needs.

India: Day 26

We had our team worship and meeting for the week. After the meeting, my friend and I watched movies “Water” and “every child is special”. These movies are very good. I really like them. I really learned about life from it. Then after watching we went to our friend whose child is sick. We checked if he still has medicines left. While we were on our way there was a very pretty child who has bandage on her foot. She told us that her toe was cut because of accident. She followed us to our friend’s house. Then after a while the child’s grandma went to the house and asked for some help with the medication of her grand daughter. She showed us all the prescription. So my friend decided to help her and we went to the pharmacy and bought all the medications that were needed. My friend bought shoes for her also. She was very happy and had a perfect smile until we parted ways. We arrived home and had our dinner. At about 9pm we went to meet a new client who is pregnant for the first time. She happened to leave the neighborhood. We had a great time there. After she was checked we went home but we dropped by the store to buy ice cream and beet root.

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