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Random day

After our devotion, I went back upstairs and eat breakfast while talking to the helper in arabic. We had a great time even I only speak a little. So good of her to teach me and correct me if my sentence were correct.

After awhile, I went to the office where we study and practicing some sentences with my other 2 language classmate. It was hard to practice because no one knows if our sentences are correct or not.hhahaa.

Today, I was kind of not digesting what I read. I was out of focus. I didn’t know why. Maybe due to hormones. hahahaha. =)

Convenient and hassle free

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Good gifts

I am planning to go home for two weeks. It will be a long flight but it is really worth it. I am now thinking about what gifts I can give to my new friends when I come back. I think personalized gifts would be great since it is personalized and it will make the person who will receive it feel special.

Team devotion

In our team devotion, we read Matthew 6:5-16. It talks about the prayer and fasting. The Lord instruct us that when we pray we should go inside our room and when we fast we should not let others know that we are fasting because God will reward reward which are done in secret. I think God instruct us these because He wants us to focus on Him and not focus on other people. By doing so we will have great intimacy with God. When we are showing off to other people about being prayerful in public, our focus will not be in God but to men and pride develops somewhere there and will have the tendency to compare ourselves as holy than to others. Are Christians we should be careful how we live our lives.

Car accident

I feel sorry about my new friend’s uncle who died in a car accident. We were having a great time chatting and all of the sudden she received a call from his family about what happen. Accident can happen anywhere at any time that is why it is very important to insured our autos. We can find a cheap auto insurance at It is worth investing a little of our fortune just in case something happen.

Top rated diet pill

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Bit of my day

Today was great day although there was not much of things happenings. Mostly, I stayed on my room learnig basic arabic words. It is good sometimes to be alone and have some quite time with the Lord.

The whole day to make the most of my time while waiting, I was organizing things for making procedure manual while listening to the some good music. I had fun. Sometimes it is nice to be alone.
For the days to come I will be busy with paper works and arabic lessons. I will be attending a language class. I will arrange it this monday. I am excited about it.

Prenatal vitamins

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Skin distressing problem

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Perfect time

I had a great time this afternoon because my sister and I got to chat for a long time. At about dinner time, D cooked a very delicious meal (chicken pie and vegetable salad). yummy. It was so great. I was eating delicious food while I watching the sun setting through the window. What a perfect time for perfect food and perfect sun set.

Then J made a very yummy cake. While waiting for the cake to cool down, she invited me to go out to the pharmacy to buy Deep heat for her muscle sore. But before we went out, I offered her a liniment oil called “Paud de arko” and she rub it on her feet. While we were walking she feels the oil was soothing her legs. I offered to give her the 1 bottle because I have 3 but she said I will need it. So i did force her to have it. We arrived in the pharmacy just about 4 minutes walk. She got what she wanted and it was very expensive. Even it was already about 7pm, the wind is still very warm.

When we arrived we ate the cake and then ready to sleep.

Back to smoking habit

My dad came back to his smoking habits after he was admitted to the hospital due to lung problems related to smoking cigarillos. When he had difficulty breathing, he promised not to smoke again. He was living with this promise for only three months and now back to smoking. No matter how hard we told him not to but we cannot stop him.

Beauty career

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Learning new language

Learning a new language is not easy. We tried to learn but we cannot just learn everything in one day. We just started and we are positive we will learn the language. Great things start from small beginnings.
One thing that surprised me was that our tutor knows how to speak tagalog. Can you imagine that? He did not tell us but he just out of the blue speaking in tagalog to me and I was at first shock I thought he was speaking arabic then only to find out it was tagalog. wow! It was fun. We spoke tagalog to each other once in a while in the class. He knew tagalog because of his filipino friends back in Saudi Arabia for 8 years. I was so impressed of his ability to speak many languages.

I was kind of overwhelmed with the new words. I had a headache afterward. We just had one hour class. Before we went home, he suggested that we need to have 2 hour class since one hour is very short and asked if possible he can have the class in our office. No decision was made yet because we need to ask permission with our boss. The boss said it is okay. We waited for awhile for our driver to come.

After the class, we went back to the guest house and continue reading our book. After awhile, we ordered for our lunch. I ordered lasagne. wow to my surprise it was for 3 persons I think. It was yummy. Then at about 5pm I went back to my room and chatted with my sister.

Planning honeymoon trip

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A bit of my day

I woke early in the morning because we had a language class at 9am. I was excited about it. It was my first time to meet our tutor. 3 of us went to our class. It was just a right time when we arrived, tutor came in. Before our class started, we went to the other room to buy the books we needed. It was so expensive. It is about 30 USD.

Then our class started. Of course, it was started with introduction, what is your name, where are you from etc. We started with personal pronouns, and possessive pronouns. With just that it was already hard because the words change when it is referring to male and female. Anyway, I am very interested to learn the language. It is not easy but it will be worth the effort.

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