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Petite Clothing

I love fashion. Wearing proper clothes in a certain occasion is important to make look good and confident. Collecting dresses and jeans is my hobby. Sometimes I went to the dress shop to repair some of my old dresses that don’t fit to me anymore. I like simple and elegant, usually my dresses are not that expensive as long as I know how to carry and use it and my friends said petite clothing is right for my body figure.

Happens with a purpose

A friend of us also our helper lost her mobile phone yesterday, she left it accidentally at our neighbor’s store without her notice and someone get it, getting her mobile phone back is impossible, since its hard to trace because many people come and go to that store. This is also a lesson to her and to us to be careful next time in handling our things. We just comforted and telling her that everything happens is with a purpose

conjugated linoleic acid

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Giant Christmas tree

As what my hubby always told me, Family bonding is important to strengthen the foundation of the family; to get out once in a while and be relaxed and enjoy each other’s company. Last week we went out to the city to witness the opening of lights of the Tagum City giant Christmas tree; the tallest Christmas tree of the region. Twa’s very beautiful, very bright, the color of lights were sparkling and really catching to the eyes. So many people also were there in fact we got a hard time looking for a parking space. That day was a very memorable day for us; we ate ice cream and peanuts under the Giant Christmas Tree.

remove dark circles

It feels great to be a mother but need lots of adjustments just like sleeping patterns, before I can sleep 8hours straight but now I can’t because my baby has many waking moments and need to feed her from time to time. As time goes by I used to it, but I can’t rid of the dark circle in my eyes, now I really want to remove dark circles and be free from stress to avoid this one to develop.

all natural diet pills

Many diet pills available in the market today and we got a hard time choosing which one is the best, as much as possible we will chose a diet pills which are all natural diet pills to guarantee a less worry, safe and effectiveness. We must be alert enough to read the formulation of content before we decide to buy any of those.

los angeles detox rehabs

We had been exposed to rehabilitation as part of our training before; we saw and witnessed many drug and alcohol dependent individuals trying to widraw from their addiction. This is really not a disease but a choice; everyone has different stories why they became addict or dependent. los angeles detox rehabs is the facility in the US that provides most effective, individualized therapy helping to those victims who are willing to reduce or discontinue using such substances and start making a new life again.

A visit to them

We will be going to my in-laws place next week; it takes 2 hours by bus to get there. It has been a long time since our last visit and they also want and excited to see their first grand daughter who is now turned 2 months. I’m sure there will be a big party for they will be welcoming Gyndy as part of the family.

baby shower invitations

My older brother is soon to become a father; many responsibilities also await him. We expected that his wife will deliver their first baby in the first week of December. Everybody is so excited for their baby’s arrival. That would be the second grand in the family. We are now planning and preparing for the great baby shower party and start making baby shower invitations ahead of time.

local jobs

This coming November 9, 2010 there will be a job fair to be happened here in my place, this is an opportunity for us unemployed to apply in any agency and great chances to be hired. Many employers will come both local jobs and domestic jobs will be offered. I’ll make sure to ready my resume and other requirements and hoping to be hired on the spot.

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