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Just one text away

Communication is very much important to strengthen the relationship especially in a family, to keep the bond strong. We celebrated our Christmas and New Year without my three sisters, they are miles away, we missed them so much, wish they were with us. But thanks to mobile technology, we can connect with them in just one text and my sister uses an ipod shuffle which is the latest mobile of today.

It is better to give than to receive

Gifts come in sizes, shapes and purpose. Some gifts are simple and just for fun and some gifts are intended to be used and have a lifetime value. Here is some good idea of 5th anniversary gift guide at Redenvelope especially this Christmas season or any kind of occasions you wanted to give to your love ones as your heart desires. “for it is better to give than to receive”

My Umbrella

Rainy days and Monday always get me down…well, it is raining today and I need to go to the mall to buy something very important so I bring with me an umbrella. Before going inside the supermarket I left my umbrella in the baggage counter and I just put my name in it as proof that it is mine. When I got home, I noticed I got someone’s umbrella, maybe because it was almost the same color with mine but better looking. I don’t know if it was my fault or the baggage attendant but whoever I still need to go back to the mall and exchange it. I felt guiltless then.


Everybody wants a brighter world. Without lights our house is as darkness as the moonless night. Now, millions of people in the world today are using lights in everywhere. Lights is our guide, without lights we can see nothing and we have nothing. I like different designs of lights to put into my house and I make it sure that the bulbs has a good quality.

made up of steel

I’ve been to Japan for three times five years ago and really enjoyed my stay there. I’ve been also to Japan highest tower which made up of steel buildings. The people there were very entertaining and what I want them the most is that they very disciplined in terms of their attitude and behavior. I love to be there and wish I can go there again someday.

time traveller

I watched beauty pageant last night just nearby our house. The people gathered together to witness the crowning. In the middle of the show, in their evening gown competition when candidate number five showing her beautiful gown at the stage, suddenly there was a big dog walking on the stage. The candidate assuming that she never saw the dog walking behind her. The show must go on.


Many people using cigarette around the world not knowing that it is somehow not good to our health, it has nicotine in it which causes the user to be addicted. But there are many companies selling different kind of cigars, it is said that cigarettes companies has a big contribution in terms of taxes which it helped a lot to our growing economy industry.

Licensed Driver

I am going to renew my driver’s license next week. I can’t ride without having my license in my pocket because this is very important where ever I go. It contains certain information to identify in case of accident or death during driving. Driver’s license is not only for identification but it is also a proof that I am a qualified driver who passed the actual driving or drive test, seminars and examination. Licensed driver is trusted but accident may come anytime so be defensive driver.

A good foundation

“A man is wise if he build his house in a strong foundation”. Our church construction is going on. Now we are starting metal color roofing. We use metal in the whole project. Metal is a combination of some elements to make a good quality metal buildings material that will be used for making different kinds of construction. It is comfortable to use, surely safe and it will last.


Word insurance is familiar for me. What does it mean? It means you are insured whatever may happen. We are subjected to the risk of accident and death. We can also claim medical assistance, financial assistance and many more. We must think about of ourselves for the future because this is a lifetime benefits so what are we waiting for? offers different kinds of insurances that you are looking for.

Funny Pig

Before I start my post let me explain I have over 2 years of piggery experience. I want to share my funny story just this past few days. I was shocked when I saw my pig jumped over the fence. It was so funny and I can’t believe it. The fence is 1 meter high and he is only 20 kilos. It is impossible for him to jump over but he did. I think he wanted to do something or looking foods or playing? I opened the doorway for him to be able to go back in his place then he walked slowly and get inside. That is a funny thing for me.

football game

I like watching sports especially football game. This game is one the most popular game of the world. In fact many schools and places are implementing this. My cousin is an athlete and scholar of the school he is a runner and trying to play football game. My family wants to support him through giving football gifts to encourage him to continue to pursue his dream and to become popular player someday.

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