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Crying lady

Usually, watching sad movies makes me cry. I am easily affected with or stirred by emotions. Stories or movies about death, love life, family trouble…I don’t know why but my first reaction is to cry. May be my life is being put forth in front of me for me to see and examine without having to actually experience the situation. The fact is, sometimes the situation being dramatized in front of me is actually mirrors my own experience.

Silver Accessories

If I won the lottery, my collecting habits would not change. One of my habits since I was a child is collecting silver accessories. I am very much interested in silver than gold because of its grayish-white color that looks very simple and attractive. There are something new designed accessories in sterling silver pandora where I can choose my own desired designs. It is unique and not in common forms of designs.

Lonely wanderer

Sometimes in a quiet seashore, I took some photo shots and I think this is what the Lord has done. While I watched the changing color of the sun that gradually disappeared and with waves that rolled me, I felt lonely and I don’t know why. Maybe I needed someone to share with my happiness, sufferings, failures, disappointments, heartaches, loneliness, frustrations and all the words that I could not say to all the people who are dear to me… whose so near yet so far from me.

Safety box

I am confused when I sat beside my friend at the karaoke bar. My eyes are always looking her using a small box. It is nice and simple but elegant. She told me it was a cigarette box just like humidors. This is a safety box where she can store her cigarettes to avoid exposure and to protect from direct sunlight. I like it so cute and handy.

Disability claim

I went to the social security office to continue my monthly payments so that somehow someday I can avail and claim the benefits and assistance they assured in case of accidents and deaths. Just like my grandmother, she is now 83 years old still having her insurance, pension and medical assistance. She encouraged me to pay as self-employed. This program will rest assure you.

Blessing in disguise

It was sunny day; when I was riding along the road my eyes are so busy upon driving. So many trucks, jeepers, taxi, motor vehicles passing by and some was overtaking me. In the midst of the sun, something objects that sparked into my eyes that brought my attention while riding on. About 50 meters away, I decided to turn back and check it out. It was a 21k gold ankle chain.


Early this morning, I received a call from my friend that made my day. She is a secretary from a law office for a few months. She asked me about how I maintained my look, I told her about spirodex, I’ve been taking this for months now and it really works. She’s struggling with her increasing weight so I think my suggestion is good for her also.

Sexy tummy

A healthy body is a healthy mind. To ensure good health I must spend some time exercising everyday and I need to go to the gym regularly to maintain good body and to avoid fatness; an excess bodily weight specifically my tummy. It is about bulging stomach. Then I found a new way of fat burners; I think this is the easiest, no effort to lose weight.

Garage Sale

I had scheduled event for the sale of my used clothes. The clothes are look new, like-new, or just usable. I offered for sale because I don’t want or need the clothes anymore, to minimize my possessions, cleaning and to raise funds and buy gifts for children. My cousins, Friends and neighbors who are searching for bargains they enjoyed their shopping at the very lowest prices.

Diet pills

After having many parties in this few weeks, my friend gained weight and she is taking the best diet pills that lose her weight. Pills are one of the easiest, effective and fastest dietary supplements today. To prevent fats eat a diet containing plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables and whole grains. Self discipline is the best way of diet to avoid gaining weight. Sometimes over weight may cause hypertension.

Homeowner’s Insurance

One of my greatest dreams is to become a homeowner. Having a house is a good investment. Being a homeowner need to have insurance for we don’t know accidents that may happen at the home. Who does want accident? Of course everybody doesn’t want accident. But one thing for sure insurance is very important here are homeowners insurance rates that will give you the best and affordable insurance.


Photography is a lifetime pleasure and picture is worth a thousand words. I love taking pictures even before I used an old model camera using film. I really want to see the wonders and capture natural attraction hidden in the town as my collections. I am using digital cameras , every shot must be clear and bright. Good quality camera makes my shots perfect and best photograph.

It pays to check the label

As we celebrated Christmas season I prepared some delicious foods. I made desserts and I make it sure it is creamy and yummy. I put every ingredients to make it perfect. I mixed it well then add some sauce. I opened one pack of tomato sauce from the cabinet. I was supposed to mix it with the other ingredients but suddenly one thing that popped up into my mind was to check the label first and saw it was already expired. It really pays to check the label.

Flat screen TV

Television is a kind of media which is very influential to the viewer that is why many movies need parental guidance especially for those minors. Somehow it is also a good way of entertaining oneself, especially during past time, able to be updated with the current news and happenings in and out of the country. How good and nice to watch in a flat panel mount TV in which you can see clearly using the big and flat screen television.

kohler parts

In all parts of a house I am very much particular with the cleanliness in the kitchen and bathroom; I want to keep them clean and dry, and this area should be germs free all the time. But if you have trouble with your kitchen and bathroom parts and accessories kohler parts is here serving online and they have also live chat via the internet seven days a week from 8am until midnight so there is an easy access with the service they are offering, easy and fast shipping, so avail now.

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