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doormat gift

I am confused what gift I should give to my mom’s birthday. Three days more to go. I’ve seen a very simple and uncommon gift. Since my mom always put a doormat in our doorway, I’m going to give her a doormat. It’s not just a doormat but a beautiful wide selection of personalized doormats that I’ve never seen before. I’m so excited to give this because I knew she like this. I choose her favorite color and design.

time conscious

I am a time-oriented person. For me every second of the clock counts. I’ve learned that the less time I have to work with, the more things I get done…It’s good to see every accomplishment that you’ve done each day. Today, I just finished gardening and tree-planting.

wedding reception

In the past few weeks, my family and friends gathered together at the hotel at the reception of my auntie’s wedding day. We celebrated with laughter, prayers and wishes together as our traditions and had a wonderful dinner. The reception was well-prepared. Every table was filled with branded cocktail napkins. There were approximately 150 persons presented to witness in their vows. They may live happily ever after.

expect the unexpected

Nobody knows what will happen every now and then. I remember one time it was valentine’s day but I didn’t expect after we took dinner with my family, our youngest brother who is 4 years old that time played one piso coin in his mouth and accidentally swallowed it into his stomach. So we called ambulance and rushed him to the hospital on Valentine’s Day. Operation done and thanks God everything went well.

live concert

What a coincident! There were hundreds of people watching live concert here in our city. What a small world for me… I met my very close friend way back when we were still in high school batch 1994-1995. She said “we will go for a dinner” so we went out. She shared about multiple car insurance discount. She is now married with two lovely kids. We talked a lot of things behind the concert.

suppressant pills

My mom arrived back home. She is riding alone with a taxi…she called me and asked for help to get her things out. She bought foods at the grocery and according to her she dropped a while to the pharmacy and buy something. When I carry her things there was an Appetite suppressant diet pills in her bag. When mom about to get out from the taxi, the driver said excuses me ma’am you forgot to pay your fare.

Concrete fence

Just came home. I’m so tired this day but it is okay. May be I will go for massage to relieve my body pains and aches. We are making a concrete fence posts in our little farm starting this day. Twenty-eight posts are needed to be able to complete the whole lot and we made nine posts this day. Hope by Saturday we can do and finish all posts to start making the wall.

Physically fit

Who doesn’t want beautiful body? Of course, everybody wants. If somebody wants to know how to maintain a good looking body, there are ways how to suppress appetite and our body gets stronger and feels better and better every day. Just like me I have a nice and good looking figure. In fact I like to join in a beauty pageant and one of the qualifications is mentally and physically fit.


I remember we had a stadiometer at home while we were still small, used as tool in measuring our height from time to time; was so excited to know how much did we increase with our height monthly and we recorded it. From the world standard today, height is already included as qualification like for applying a job but for me as long as we are good in what we do I think height is not that necessary but in the other side, there are some work too that needs height standard.

weather weather

It’s a rainy days and I never mind it. I am not affected with the bad weather I encountered this month. Unlike others, they prefer to stay inside their houses because of the rain. I have business and projects to do and if I wait until the rain stops my time would be wasted. So I need to go out and suffer the cold and get wet to be able to finish what I had started.

face on the mirror

As I wake up each morning the first thing I do is to see my face in the mirror to check it out how do I look. As I look at my face I noticed something not good. Maybe this is a sign of aging. I did not put any creams on my face ever since but now I think I need to use anti wrinkle creams to will help me remove wrinkles on my face.

pre workout

It is so good to see men with formed abs and toned muscle; it can be achieved through regular workouts and exercise and this will promote better endurance and strength. It needs effort, time and energy. However, there are also pre workout supplement that will help and sustain during workouts like jack3d, a very safe and has no side effects which aid in your workout course.

My playful puppy

I have a puppy named whistle; she’s so cute, when I’m upset she sits next to me and licks me and she always stays near me if she thinks I’m hurt… Every after bath, I give her a treat as a reward for cooperating in the bath. Whistle is playful and likes to bounce, jump up and down. Circling around me running forward and back to play while her tail wagging.

Morning Activities

As I grew up I became increasingly interested in music. Every morning I turn on my radio and listen to the music that fills my ears like the soft sunlight filtering through the shades of my window. Songs that brings light to my dark world. I am awake without effort. Aside from music I also want to enroll classes to have an it degree as my course. This are my usual activities every morning.

Starry night

My father is not a professional painter but he loves painting. He has a lot of painting collection hanging on the walls. One of his paintings is like a starry night…the trees and the stars are shades of white and gray…and there is a woman behind sat on the rock wearing gold coins in her neck. I was so happy to finally see it—just what I wanted. This is one of my favorite paintings; so love to see it everyday.

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