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missing the days

I really miss the moment when I was still pregnant, still carrying my baby in my womb. I miss my big tummy. The maternity dress that I wore, the special treatment people gave me, he! And most of all I miss riding to my wooden swing set which father bought for me, which was my favorite place while I was still pregnant. Now my baby is seven months old already. I can’t imagine she grows very fast, Praise God. I just realized that everything has an end so we must treasure every moment and event of our life while we still can.

workout supplements

My friend loves to go to the gym to have some workouts, body building and exercises that’s why no question about her sexy and formed body. She maintained and that makes her more comfortable and confident with herself. According to her, together with self effort and discipline she also used pre workout supplements that would help her during the course of her workouts. I can see the difference in her now. I just love her slim body.

second parents

So happy today; my mother and father in law came visited us from a long time we haven’t seen each other and of course they were so excited to see their first granddaughter who is now seven months old.I am always thankful to God for giving me in-laws like them, they are so kind to me.

Only the basic

I love to surf the internet even though I am not very good in computer. I only know the basic one but I’m exploring it every day with my own. Upon searching, I came to read about inetsoft reporting tools I don’t know much about this but I broad my search in order to have a background info about this software and may share it to others.


As we grow old there are many changes will happen in our body especially in our health. Some substances which are significant in maintaining good function, diminished and slowed in action, they grow old also. That is why most old people will not respond to treatment it’s because of aging body parts but no worry because we have now Bioidentical Hormone Replacement which is very helpful in sustaining our life in order to survive in this race longer.

World’s happening today

The world was shocked to the 8.9 magnitude earthquake, fire and big tsunami that hit and shakes Japan. A very heart crushing experience to see the news, damages can’t be counted and it killed many lives. After the earthquake that hit New Zealand, the protest in Libya and earthquake to some Asian countries, does it signifies something? It made me look back to the Bible, is this signs that God’s coming is near? A reminder to everyone that we must now live a holy and pleasant life before God and be prepared whatever circumstances may come into our lives; because we never know when God take our lives, the most important is to secure an intimate relationship between God and man. Always remember that there is life after death and we must be sure that we can go to heaven eternal. Ponder upon this.

rv repair

My sister loves her car so much, she bought it result from her hard work and sacrifices in Japan many years ago,an investment to keep. Even though it needs regular maintenance and check-ups without proper income in it, she can still able to bear. When car has a little problem she will go to a rv repair shop to have it checked and avoid more problem to arise.

sales job

There is a scarcity of jobs here in the Philippines even you had finished your degree still very hard to find a good job that fit to your course that is why many Filipinos suffering for an employment and poverty and because of that they may think to get married in a very young age or maybe apply for a work even sales jobs in a mall or cashier in a grocery; no wrong with that but I just wish they can find a work that really fit to the course they took up.

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