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Human growth

Do really height matter? Well, I can say yes in some reason. When applying for a job here in the Philippines they specify the height requirements and appearance but it is unfair for those who won’t pass the standard height needed. However, there are some ways to help us in this matter. hgh releasers is made to stimulate the growth hormone and gives a lifetime benefits to the user. This is all natural so no worry for the side effects.

Father’s retirement

We are discussing about father’s retirement next month after twenty four years of faithful service to Davao del Norte Electric Cooperatives (DANECO), a big electric company that supply current to many places in and out of the region. It is mandatory for them to resign after sixty years of age. Well, aside of that, we are also planning what would be a good investment to have using my father’s retirement fee. He is worthy to receive such payment in exchange of his valuable effort and consumed part of his energy working in that company.

Wedding gift

My cousin visited us today and it’s been a long time we never see her maybe because of her upcoming wedding day. She’s busy preparing everything. She came to show to us her sample wedding invitation and it was nice and simple. She’s the one made it with just less expense. Next month will be her big day. We are now thinking what would be a nice personalized wedding gifts to give for the new couple as they start their life together as married. Advance congratulation for both of you guys.

Our simple house

Maybe two months from now we will transfer to our newly built house but for the mean time it is still under construction. The flooring and roofing done. We are only working for the walling now. It is not easy to build a house it needs enough resources. Also we hired some labors to have it finished as soon as possible. We paid them in the end of the week but they can cash advance whenever they want. We can’t wait to transfer and have our own house and not to depend to my family.

Choir group

Today the choir members of our church will be going to Cebu, including my mom and my sister; they will be performing every night in front of hundreds of people. How lucky they are coz they were chosen as singers in the National Grace convention, celebrated annually. They will ride by airplane and many of them are first timers in airplane experience. They are all twenty and they are so excited for their one hour travel going to Cebu city.


Including in my sisters box that was sent to us three months ago is a beautiful four in one scanner. It is very useful and I am enjoying scanning our old pictures that was hidden for so long. It has a good laminate flooring in it, good as new. We are so thankful to my sister for putting effort just to send box for us full of useful stuffs.

inexpensive gifts

So nice for there are sites selling inexpensive gifts at Personal Creations where you can choose from variety of good items like jewelry and fashion, personalized items for gift or presents to your love ones and even for yourself. Stop thinking what you would be nice gift to give just go to this site and be happy to their big promo items and be satisfied with their inexpensive products.

Neighbor’s quarrel

Early this morning we were awakened and shocked by the noise of our neighbor’s quarrel. Both family has already planted hatred in their hearts and even just small things they easily get on fire. They were both shouted so loud. They argued about bad smell that comes from the piggery and many other things. In the midst of their mouths, my father came over to them for we saw that one neighbor get big wood ready to fight so we came over too. Our neighbors are the one we ask for help when emergency happen or they are one who will respond in time of need. We must love our neighbor as we love ourselves.

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