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Acne remedies

My teenage brother is so worried with his pimples. He really feels bad about it. What’s worry him more is that he’s afraid it might get severe and may result to acne that is why he always asked us what would be a good acne remedies in case it will get worst. During this stage, young people must feel good about themselves for it will affects their self confidence and even life in the future. I want to help my brother to get rid of this so called pimple before it will get infected and may result to a bigger face problem.

Sky watch

We took this picture in the  third storey building where my sister worked. It’s about 5am in the morning. She woke me up just to witness the sun to rise. What a wonderful creation. It’s a good way to start our day.

folding Linens

I miss going to school. It always makes me smile every time I remember my college days and the most unforgettable moments that I and my colleague encountered. All of us will feel so nervous every time we will have our return demonstrations where we need to memorize the steps and with actual actions as part of our clinical practice. We are taught on how to arrange and fold matouk linens in the right and easy way with proper body mechanics and we are graded depending to our performance.

Red Fish

This beautiful red fish caught my attention while we went on swimming in the resort’s aquarium. So good that i brought my digital camera with me. I found the nemo. 🙂

New watch

Just this afternoon my sister gave me a watch and I am so much thankful and happy. It also reminds me of the importance of time. To treasure and enjoy every moments of life for we cannot go back the time, once it is wastes, it is wasted. Made me realized also that everything happen in a perfect time according to God’s plan and purpose. We must just learn to wait for its timing. Thank you again sister for this beautiful watch.

Nursing uniforms

Just before my sister takes her journey to Sudan Africa for work she makes all important things ready for she don’t know what life await her there. She bought many goods and some personal necessities with her. Since she will be working in one of the hospital there, she brought a lot of pairs of nursing scrubs suit aside of the white uniforms. I really admire my sister’s burden to help and serve other people.

Not just my priority

I am not particular with the latest gadgets that most people wish to have; there are a lot of things to be prioritized rather than that especially now that I am married and have one daughter. I am not thinking of buying those expensive products this time due to limited resources though it’s sounds good like htc sense but to my baby’s need. Someday I may have a chance to own such things but for sure not this time.

Friendship ended

Maybe I am out of the agenda or shall I say I am excluded in their affair but I cannot control myself. I was really affected by the words that stroked and impolitely thrown to my cousin. It’s unfair to her. Maybe she has also some lapses of what she was doing but she does not deserve what she received and what’s being blamed to her. Even the old issues and some misunderstanding before all are now opened up. I know what my cousin felt now, full of hate, hopelessness, guilt maybe and shame. So glad that she shared her problem to me and that I gave some advises. It’s not easy to pick up what has been broken. Maybe this will create a big gap between them, many friendship ended but still hoping that all things will be solved and reconciled according to His will.

Street lights

As I on the road going to my in-laws place I have noticed that as we enter their municipality, they have a very nice ATV Lights and the longest street lights of the region. Part of the national highway road. It was nice seeing those lights most especially during night where you can’t see dark anymore for the road was full of dazzling lights which also attracts to traveler’s eye that will pass on that place.

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