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Keep working hard Bro

Driven with courage my brother continues his study in the hope to get an information technology degree in the near future. It’s not too late though there were many year that he have been wasted. He utilizes his maximum effort by working during the day and schooling during the evening. It’s his big opportunity to fill my father’s position upon retirement and we just hope that he will do well in his work. This is a one time opportunity to work in a big electric company. So keep working hard bro, double your time, make the best in everything you do for your dream is at your door and soon to come.

Mobile world

Mobile phones have made our lives easier in many ways such as to keep in touch with loved ones and friends, surfing the internet, sent photographs and pay bills. Ironically it’s getting smaller and smaller but the features it offers are steadily increasing in number. Truly it helps us connecting the world but in the other side of the coin many relationships have been broken down also because of this high tech small gadget.

Toner cartridges

We have a very nice photocopier, printer, and scanner all in one. Sent to us by my sister from the US and she’s thinking this could be a good way to earn by giving printing and typing jobs out of it at home. Just fit to us since our house is surrounded with students and just very near to a prestige college school. Our printer just had one small problem, we just need a hewlett packard toner cartridges to fix it up.

Run, run, run

Running is a good way of exercise but walking is the best way. Walking 15minutes a day will do. This making heart healthy and burn fats that stored in the body. One of my cousins was a well known runner in our school when we’re still in high school; he went to any running competition around the country. Each runner are required to wear acl knee braces for sports to avoid possible injury, for protection and to meet the standard protective devices.

9 months baby

My daughter @ 9months able to do and follow simple commands likes ‘what’s the sound of a dog? Where’s the lizard? Clap your hands, bye bye waves, how the fish eat? Beats when hear a music, bless to foreheads, call wowa, Lolo, mama and daddy’. Isn’t she too smart? She has a very fast motor development. Too many tricks to find out in the coming months. Congratulation baby girl, I love you.

Yes to sports

‘Youth of today is the hope of tomorrow’ this is the common saying I heard especially during speech. Our future depend on what kind of young people do we have now. Government must focus on young teens in terms of project and programs. A rapid campaign on sport like biking with yakima bike racks must be established to shift their minds out of drugs and other addictives.

Eternal investment

Just arrived from the church happy and blessed; my husband was the one standing at the pulpit preaching. He talks about the signs of the last days, such a very interesting topic. How good also to have fellowship with co-believers and see them face to face. We must take our spiritual life seriously because what we invest for the Lord that matters.

Health tips

I think there are only two things to do in order to be in good health and avoid being an overweight. Proper diet and exercise/workouts with the use of the best pre workout supplements to help burn calories, limit carbohydrate intake, eat fresh fruits and veggies. That’s it. As simple as that but it gives big impact to our health. We must be conscious enough with our health because health is wealth.

My dream

It is really my dream to work abroad though sounds not easy but I am very determined with my dream. I want to prove myself that I can do something also for my future and to help my family too. Sometimes I got envy with my sisters who made sacrifices for the family. I cannot forget my parents’ sacrifices for me in terms of financial when I was still schooling. I owe this success to my very own parents and sisters who contributed also for my college tuition.

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