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Adjustment period

Things are falling different way, different direction, it seems that the fire that is burning runs out of fuel and needs to be refilled. Adjustment period has just started after 2 years. What’s wrong with me? I don’t understand why I feel this way; all I see now is his shortcomings, flaws, weaknesses which I should not look unto him. I always wanted to change him but I cannot. He should make some ways how to recharge my almost empty battery but never runs out of love and it seems he is blind what’s happening in me. I should be more considerate and understanding. Nothing is wrong with him in fact I never heard anything hurtful words from him but when I am angry I cannot control my mouth and emotion and says very inappropriate words towards him. O God forgives me for being so disobedient to your words and not taking my responsibility as a wife. I just need counseling and refreshment in order to save what’s have been kept and taking cared of for two years and I should renew my vow not in to him but to the Lord. I know this stage is a very crucial and we need to overcome this. One thing is for sure I don’t want Satan to destroy our marriage

Mama’s birthday

Mama celebrated her 57th birthday last week and we were very busy preparing foods and dessert for her. We want to make her birthday more special and meaningful. We had plenty of visitors who went home and greeted her happy birthday which made her overwhelmed and happy. Of course we also gave her a gift, a special gift from since she likes fashion and jewelry much, the four of us sisters contributed just to purchased her favorite fashion jewelry at all times.

Medicare plan

Each must secure a medical plan for we don’t know what’s going to happened tomorrow or the next day. This is to help us in hospitalization or any untoward accident that may happen. This serve as our health protector. I always pay my monthly obligation to avail the health benefits offered by the company whenever I will be admitted due to some health related problems.

Public service

One program of my hubby’s company is to render medical services to their members who lend money from them. It’s an opportunity to be checked-up by a physician free consultation and free medicine since most of their members are came from the lower state family. As part of my profession being a nurse I’ll volunteer myself to the said event this afternoon to help in getting the patients’ blood pressure and some paper works too. I would be very happy to be a part of the medical mission. I miss my job, my work, I miss the hospital.

My baby’s big day!

Even my baby’s first birthday is still 1 month away from now but I could not keep myself easy and relax. My mind is really thinking what would be a good program and arrangements to have to make a perfect birthday party. I started to canvass nice dresses or gown maybe for my daughter attire on that occasion. I should have started to make an invitation from now on. As I browsing the net about baby’s birthday I came across a site where they offer variety of products about birthdays and many more. Just click birthday party invitations pages and you can see their very nice and personalized birthday invitation samples.


People of today are becoming updated with the latest gadgets and machinery most people wish to have like the blackberry tablet and will do anything to get it. A lot of my friends have already this kind of mobile phones. It has a wide range of coverage and it gives a lot of very nice features that other phone model don’t have. I wish to have a blackberry too in the near future.

It’s a normal feeling

There’s always a point in our lives when we feel so discouraged and hopeless right? Even how successful we are in our chosen career there’s always a time you may feel so tired doing hard every day just to earn money and feed the family. Especially when we are alone and far from our support group. We just don’t notice that tears started falling down from our cheeks. Human as we are it is normal when sometimes we feel this way, hormonal changes also pertinent in this case. This is all normal feeling, importantly we know how to handle this emotion and able to cope with it using our defense mechanism rightly.

A good present

My baby’s 1st birthday is approaching and I’ll make sure everything will be presented and in order. We will dedicate her to the Lord during that celebration and I am started to contact for a Godparents of my daughter. I am so happy for my two colleagues in college who is also a nurse confirmed to be one and promised to come on that special day. I never expected any present but I will be very happy to receive any gift from them especially if it is personalized sister doll. My baby loves doll so much. It’s one of my collection also.


I have so many lapses in my part as a wife. I never attended some of my responsibilities towards my husband. I regret I never been a good one, I’m so selfish. Sometimes I forgot to kiss him every time he arrived home from work, prepare him food before leaving and even give him a coffee in the morning. I never heard any words from him complaining but I am too guilty even submitting to him in many ways is very hard for me. I need to learn more about life and I know I will learn it as the years to come.

My best bud, my Laptop!

I didn’t noticed the time but my hubby reminded me that our laptop is 6 months old already, it means I only have six month more to go to pay for its remaining balance. How comforting to know and when I finish with it, it’s like nail being removed from staying inside me for a long time. In the same way I am very careful when dealing with my laptop, I’m afraid I may damage it that’s why I bought a computer cabinets intended for my laptop only for safety reason.

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