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House blessing done!

A day after our daughter’s party celebration we also celebrated our house blessing and the same time a venue for the first time cottage prayer meeting here in the house. Many came and shared our joy as we start our life separated from our parents. We prepared female goat intended for house blessing only and my aunt was the one cooking the very sweet ‘calderitas’ , ‘papait’ and ‘bihon with pancit’ everybody enjoyed the food and also we are blessed also hearing God’s word given by my father in law which was also the food for the spirit. It was like a reunion of my relatives and they were excited too to see our little mansion where we build the household of faith.

Cookies for her

We are so happy for the people whom my sister called friends. Her companion in times of sorrow and the one cheering her up when feels like giving in.  In her new work it is not easy to start again. She’s still under training and we hope that she can do it and we know she can do it because she is a strong woman, not easily surrender. She told me that she is very thankful for the cookies galore that her friend gave her this morning. How thoughtful her friend was. Thank you Lord for the gift of friendship.

What an experience

I was so busy last day and exhausted but I end up my days fulfilled for I have done everything needed for my baby’s birthday. I brought with me my daughter in my whole day transactions and it’s not easy to carry her plus all the bags. Oh I can’t picture out how do I look like carry all those things. While I was busy choosing cake from the store album, I didn’t notice that my baby already went out beyond my reach, she walked away and to my delight I never really notice her because I’m was very tired until I saw her in the hallway smiling at me. I immediately embraced and get her back. Oh God if someone picks her up she’s not with me now. Thank you dear God for not allowing unimaginable things happen. I went home and shared my experience to my family.

Working for them

I consider myself as a housekeeper and I do the Housekeeper Jobs faithfully. My task is that that easy especially now that my baby is learning to walk already I need to watch for her closely and still many things to attend aside of my baby. I scheduled well my daily routine to save my time. When my baby sleeps that’s the time to do the work. Though it’s tiring but at the end of the day I fell so happy and fulfilled with my accomplishments.

Young people’s interest

Being assigned and in charge to handle the youth department, my hubby really find a way how to catch the young people’s interest to make them active and participative in the ministry. He focused on music since most of the young are fond in using instruments so they planned to buy subwoofer and a bass guitar to complete. Now they have a separate prayer meeting and worship practice every Saturday afternoon.

Can walk @ 11 months

I am so happy today. I saw my daughter walking with her own but in just a short distance. I can’t believe she is now officially a walker. She’s just lack of confidence to do it but she really can walk four steps and then she will pose a second and continue walking again. She will turn one this coming 26th of August and to see her walking is the best gift to us. It only mean that we need more attention also to look for her for this time she’s already very prone for falling and other baby related accidents.

A good form of exercise

It is great to own a bike. You can go anywhere you want at your own specific time without having a big maintenance, very economical. Having a bike is like having a pet. You need to take good extra care of them and provide things to beautify it like having yakima bike rack. It is fun to ride your bike with the accessories you really wanted. It makes riding the bike more exciting. It is also a good form of exercise.

Universal life insurance

Vehicular accidents are continuously increasing and can be categorized as one of the leading causes of death at this point in time. This is very much evident in the news bulletins that we see daily. Hundreds or even thousands of lives have been affected by these tragedies leaving them desperate and suffering. Not only it causes death but it also cause serious property damage of the the vehicles. Vehicle owners should have an auto insurance. It is very easy to find a cheap universal life insurance because no matter how you properly drive other drivers or the unruly people seem to be driving as if they own the roads or maybe because of drunkenness, sleeplessness, or even psychological problems will cause accidents.

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