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Laughter is the best medicine

I noticed that aside from the trendy clothes that are in today, many people wear funny tee shirts also with funny printings. It is nice to see those and when people see it can put a smile on everyone’s face seeing funny t shirt’s printings and drawing which sometimes means another thing. Let’s not get too serious with life to make it more exciting. We need to laugh out loud for sometimes. Still laughter is the best medicine and good for the heart too.

Healthy community

I love the place where I lived now for it is surrounded with prestige schools and universities. Well civilized and participative people. We are the second largest group of the city it means we have the second biggest population in the entire city. Many projects have been done and improving infrastructures. We are just very lucky to have a very responsible, a man of promise, a leader and the father of our local group for the faithful service that made our place a very fruitful and successful one. Unity and participation are really the keys to have a happy and growing community.

Leading the way

We are so thankful for our not so close relative for taking care and helping my sister in the US. We can’t imagine without them during those rough times when my sister has encountered such a great trial of her life. They offered help and accommodation. Upon moving to another state, my sister almost lost but thanks to trucker gps for guiding and leading her to the right way. Now she is standing on her own feet with confident.

Keep studying

My brother continued his study after many years of not able to go to school for some reason. He just realized the importance of having a degree and a diploma. He is now in the third year in Information Technology course. They specialize in document management software and other computer related work. We provided him a computer to help him learn more about computers. We are so excited to see him graduate. Study hard Bro!

Let them play

Children get the most of play if provided with educational toys for kids and many other playing materials for kids. In this way children can express themselves, enjoying moment at their own pace and the best way to learn and discover many things in the surroundings. Children has its own play appropriate to their age like for example toddlers like to play more with the other children compare playing alone. As result of playing with others your child may know herself more and understand where she fits in. Treasure and enjoy the moment while your child is still young.

Master’s bedroom

We just moved to our newly built house and it feels great to have our own house. Though it is just very simple but it is one of our answered prayers. I was the one planning our house interior design and I made a very spacious room because I already experienced having a very small room and it’s like living in a cage so this time the master’s bed room is big enough to us. We have a triple bed with peacock alley bedding that adds beauty and most of all It promotes sleep and relaxation

Ipod for him

Before my sister leave for work abroad as missionary, she gave my brother a very nice ipods. Ate anticipated my brothers’ wish and long time dream to have the coolest ipod and it was a dream come true. We just wish that he will take good care and be responsible of the things entrusted to him. It’s my sisters’ pleasure to give and made my brother happy.

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