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Sleepless night

It is not easy to be a mother, I heard this line from my mother after I told her that my baby is sick and I don’t have sleep the whole night last night. My baby has a very hard cough and cold and fever too. She had a hard time going to sleep because of clogged nose. She kept on crying that night and I really don’t know how to calm her down. Can’t help myself but to cry, tears were falling but I think to myself I can do it, I can handle this. Hubby is in deep sleep and I didn’t disturb him for I know he is very tired from work also, he need to sleep more than I.

Annual renewal

My sister just renewed her vehicle registration and it cost much including the rv insurance quote but it’s ok it worth the price. The importance is there is an insurance to protect her car in any untoward happenings that may happen. Insurance is always included in the package of renewing registration and this is very ideal.

It’s our choice

Cigarette smoking is a form of addiction, did you know that? If you never taste any of those yet don’t ever try to smoke because slowly you will become addicted to what we called nicotine, the main ingredients of cigarette which is not good for the lungs. If you notice there is a warning written on the package of cigarette it says ‘Cigarette smoking is dangerous to your health.’ It is still our choice to smoke like swisher sweet cigars and other brands or not.

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