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All about sports

We are so proud because we got lot of gold’s during the Olympic Games held in Indonesia. Truly Filipinos are sports minded and has something to show all over the world. One thing I love about Filipinos is that sportsmanship is always in every game and competition wherever in the globe. Some countries got much gold too. Each team must have an austin sports nutritionist to have a healthier body from the advice of the experts. Good nutrition is needed in every player to be able to win the goal and claim the prize.

Baby’s present

We will be going to Concepcion tomorrow to celebrate with their annual Thanksgiving day. The GVC choir will render a songs for God’s glory. Including in the celebration is a dedication of the host pastor’s youngest baby and I was chosen to be one of the Godparents. Of course I prepared a gift for her which I got a hard time deciding what to buy. I went to a baby doll lingerie and got what I want to give as a present.

Extra assignments

I am thanking the Lord when I opened my account this morning. It’s been three weeks since I received lots of extra assignments to do from the very slow site but now giving me lots of blessings. Sometimes I under estimated the site for its very slow traffic but Sheriff has been so good to me for giving me such blessings. Thank you Lord.

Step floors

A house looks complete until you’ve finished the flooring. When you customize your house, you cannot ignore the floor. Just keeping the concrete slab that normally dons the floors is just not acceptable these days. The best way to make your floors look great is with floor coating, floor paints. quick step floors it’s just like painting, but your doing it on your floor. It is not only looks great but it helps guard against stains. It is really  that easy to get the flooring of your dreams. You will have your own customized floors for the neighbors to envy.

Sienna sinks

Do not let your kitchen sink hinder you from being excited to prepare food for your family. Some of the sinks are easily get grossed and it becomes a risk for the health of your family. You can choose to change your sink with one of these sienna sinks stainless steel sinks. Aside from the the styles it is an antibacterial sink that will prevent you and your family from harmful bacteria. Let your sink be presentable and good looking.

Who said??

I bought twenty pieces of underwear yesterday. I really didn’t plan to buy this much but the company offers buy two pack take one pack promo so I grabbed before the offer expires. I also think that I will now set aside some of my olds and use the new ones. Who said that once you’re married you cannot buy one for yourself anymore? Hehe 

Dollar coins

There is big fluctuation on the value of dollar now compare before. And it is hard already to make it higher since the world experiences a global crisis. However, silver coins are now in the market and if you want to buy morgan dollar coins you can have it in this link. Money is important in order to live and survive in this earth. That is why we need to work hard to earn and save money. But it has been said that the love of money is the root of all evil. Yes, that is the very cause of wars and conflicts. We will not treasure money here on earth but we will invest more eternal where no rust will destroy it.

WW: Giant Holiday Tree

It is again another Tagum City’s pride for having the tallest Holiday tree of the region, a title holder for consecutive years. Just yesterday the opening of lights was officially opened for public viewing. We were not able to come for its opening but for sure we’ll see it one of these days. It attracts lots of visitor and foreigners to come. Our mayor allocated almost 1 million for the said Christmas tree and somehow made the tourism strong.


Every one wish for long eyelashes for it gives beauty in the eyes and it also serve as protector from dust and other particles. But there are someone born with a short and straight lashes but don’t worry for there are eyelash growth products that you can use to help you with this concern. No need to wear artificial lashes anymore. How blessed I am for having a natural long but straight lashes.

Personalized beer mugs

A lot of shops selling personalized beer mugs and other collectibles to attract customers and I knew a friend who loves to collect this. She already collected lots of different mugs and glasses. It makes her happy doing it. Each one of us has our own likes and sometimes collecting things much is one way of compensating of what we like and did not enjoy and receive during childhood years.

Custom coins

I am happy I got to chat and talk my sister who is having rest and relaxation in Nairobi now. Thanks God she is safe and not on the site when their camp bombed days ago but no injured casualties are reported. After the separation of South and north Sudan, all currency bills of the said country changed but the sad thing is my sister didn’t know the deadline of exchanging money before it will finally changed. She has lots of old currency and custom coins that cannot be exchanged anymore. The value of it quiet big when converted to dollar. She really regret she did not able to exchange it before the deadline.

Family Planning

It is very important for the couple to talk about the number of children to have and proper spacing is required, this is called family planning. I got traumatized when I gave birth to our first daughter and the pain is still fresh on my mind. I am already afraid to expect again but I still have a desire to have one more and I want a boy but of course not this time, maybe when our baby turns 5y.o.

It is unfair

I got disappointed today. I just got home from inquiring and applying for a Coding Educator Jobs which the Department of Health announces a week ago in the television and in the news. When I got there, they said they already have the list of successful applicants. How come when in fact the opening of positions are still on January next year, it is again the hidden agendas of the people in charge. I just feel so unlucky because I don’t have a backer and this is so unfair.

Conducive for health

Lots of facilities here are mostly lack of budget in terms of building and infrastructure and the services it offers are also not that high compare of other country it is maybe because of lack of budget from the government. like the rehab treatment centers in california they have very nice facilities and the place is conducive for health which is very helpful in the recovery process of the patients.

My nephew’s 1st birthday

My nephew will be celebrating his 1st birthday in the first of December. We are all so excited for him. He is the second grandchildren of the family, the one that carries our family name. A little bit sad because my four sisters are not here and they cannot attend the celebration. But they will be sending their support through prayers and financial support. I will be helping my brother in the preparation for sure. I will sponsor for the baptism invitations from that will be distributed a week before the date. At least I can help him in little way.

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