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My sister’s credit card helped a lot especially in going abroad. She’s allowed to debt money and pays it after month. But sometimes credit card also can make a person slave for payment it’s because they didn’t notice and realize that they are spending credit too much. I just hope my sister can control herself in buying anything. In the other hand, credit card has a lot of benefits also.

Merry Christmas

My parents in law spent their Christmas with us. We are so happy to be with them in this joyous yuletide season. They were the one brought food for us and some groceries. We prepared a lot of something to eat during the Christmas eve and we really enjoyed each others company. I also sent my parents some of the food we prepared because we cannot consume it all. Hope we could still celebrate Christmas with them in the years to come. They are the best in laws for me.

Shine beautiful hair

I really love my hair now. Finally I found the best hair expert for my hair after being deceived many times. They are using the best herstyler flat iron that helps to strengthen my hair without leaving it dry. I give so much importance to my hair because in this way I can boast my confidence and it is my dream to let my hair down. I just need to maintain it with hair conditioner to keep it shine and healthy.

A heart for the people

If it is not her heart that has the passion to help the very poor people I think my sister can’t survive with her mission in Sudan South Africa. Because of her love and the willingness to help she made it living there a successful. She overcame some of the adjustments there. It is truly very hard to adopt some of their living and lifestyle but God has been so good and faithful to His promise. They were provided with tent and Big Agnes Sleeping Bags but what she is experiencing there is quite different with the kind of life she is used to have here.

Birthday party done

At last the birthday party of my nephew was over and thank God we made it successful and the program went well. I am also thankful to everyone who helped to make the celebration a successful and made unforgettable for the celebrant and of course to the proud parents. I saw that they were so happy for their son as he was turning 1. I felt so happy to be able to help my brother during in his most special occasion. Thank God also for providing all the needs and to all who contributed for the success of my nephew’s 1st birthday.

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