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Online payment

There are certain ways on how to pay our debt and other bills easier and this is made easy through ach payment. By the help of this association everyone can transact online and that is a very beneficial to everyone. This is less time consuming plus this is also secure. No falling of line just to pay your bill just visit this site to have more info about this.


I am so privileged to be known by a big boss in one of the big hospital in my place. I was referred to him by his relative who is also our family friend. I got his cell phone number so it’s easy for me to follow up him about my application and the good thing is he will always reply to my message. Though it took three years before he finally helped me in getting a job in that hospital but I am so thankful for his help. I was entertained by the Human Resource people because he told them to do so. I know God used him as instrument in answering my long time prayer to Him. To God be the glory!


We are only seldom got online together with my sisters for we have different time setting and we are in every end of the globe. It was been a long time since we caught chatting together. Everyone got too busy with work. We just hope that we could use the audio teleconferencing so we can talk and see each other in the same time. Chatting is not enough to fill the emptiness in our heart being away for quite long time.

Wedding gift

It is just so funny to remember that one of our sponsor in our wedding gifted us a set of utility knives. It is very useful indeed but I think it is not ideal to give to the newly couple. But we are still thankful because we got almost all kitchen utensils that we need in our daily journey as we face life together as married couple.

He got a raise

I was glad upon hearing from hubby that there will be increase in his salary effective this end of January. It is a wife’s responsibility to budget and finance everything what the husband’s are earning and this time it is not so hard for me to manage it. It means there will be adjustment in my budget plan and I must add a savings for family gateway and bonding for we planned to go out of the town once a year. I am just asking to God to give us a healthy body especially my hubby who is the one working hard for the family.

When I was a kid

I could still remember and imagine the time when we were still kid we used to play yoyojam and I was very good in playing with it. Though we are just only using simple materials. You never enjoyed your days being a kid without you played yo-yo. How nice to recall those innocent days and the time when we are playing under the shade on the moon. Experiences that really worth to treasure.

My maternity clothes

I am already disposing some of my used clothes to my younger cousins but not all my maternity clothes because I am still thinking to expect one in the future. But this time we will focus on raising our precious baby well and provide her what she needs. This time, we are excited what we can be in the future with the guidance and protection of the Creator.

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