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Feeling of a nurse

It is truly very hard for the nurse to see her patient arresting though you made already some possible ways to revive them with the Doctor’s order. Last day one three months old patient of the Pedia ICU has expired. I can really feel the pain and how the mother feels that time because I am also a mother. But I need to set aside those feeling in order to be more effective. We did some resuscitation but we were failed to save the life of an angel. She is now resting in God’s hand because they are truly special in His eyes.

Best tuxedos

Almost three years have passed. Our wedding was one of the best ever happen in my life. The time I ever gave myself to someone who loved me. I was wearing my dream wedding gown dress and my hubby was wearing the best tuxedo studs also. Just perfect for each other. It will happen only once so I never regret spending money for our special wedding ceremony many years ago.

Lab furnaces

It was three years ago when I had my last duty, but now Oh my, there are so many changes already that only means that the hospital in upgrading and improving. Lot of new buildings also were formed and even the Laboratory room whom before is just too small but now the place is too big and there are many new lab furnaces to better serve the patients. How good to be back!

Back to work

Though it is not yet confirmed but I really feel that I am hired already. Finally I can wear a white uniform again after missing it so much. I can’t wait for that moment. I think I need to buy a new set of uniform because it’s been long time since I never used it and there is already some adjustment in the sizes.

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