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Big brother

I really love my pandora beads given by my friend from India. It is a pair of bracelet, neck less and an earrings. He is my sister’s ex boyfriend. He invited her to go and explore India. Though she stayed there for just a short time, she really enjoyed and had a great fun experiencing the things she can’t imagine she can go and enjoy. Thank you Bro for everything.

My mentor

Each on us has a staff mentor to teach us how to be like a staff. If we have something to ask they are the one who answers our queries and questions. I was assigned in a regular staff and working for more that 5 years in the Pedia department. At first I was so hesitant to her but later on in our duties I’ve learned to go with her style. There are just one thing I don’t like about her. She always pass all the the works to me. She wants me to learn that fast, I am not a computer who can digest everything in a moment. it needs time and effort to learn and know everything. But in spite of this I owe many things to her. She taught me many things already. Still thankful despite of her shortcomings.

Mailing tubes

Wow! It’s so great to know that there are mailing tubes that can used in sending a mail or packages.. I just knew it now while opening their website. It is very preferable for those who want to send their love ones a personalized gift without worrying for damage of objects inside. Safety is secure. It is also very ideal in sending a wedding invitation or any special invitation to your friends and relatives.

My gift for him

After I got my salary yesterday, I went to a mall to find something to give to my husband as my gifts for him in his coming birthday next week. I should have something to give, anything as long as from my heart. He just gave me a brand new cell phone even I knew that he likes it so much but he also knew that I like it more. That’s how thoughtful my husband is. I hope I can find nice present to him in his special day.

Blessings are overflowing

I am so happy today because I just received my monthly salary. It feels so good to have it with my own naked hands. My mind is already having trouble how to divide it with all the needs but I am thankful to God for all the blessings that He showered upon us. Blessing are overflowing.


We just arrived from the Eco-park having cycling with my hubby and baby. We had so much fun riding the bicycle and in the same time making us fit through leg exercises. Bringing our bike was not that hard for us because we also bough a bike racks to put our bike in the top of our car. In a week we always set a day for bonding and quality time together with my family.

A glass of wine

Last New year my father was so happy to received a wine gift baskets from our cousin from England. She made it especially for Dad because she knew dad like imported wine. It took him months to finally consumed the whole bottle because he took it little by little. It is good for my father to keep him healthy by taking a glass of wine everyday.

Issues and concerns

At first I got a hard time adjusting myself to my new environment and Oh! It’s been three years since I had my last hospital duties. But now I slowly adopted my new work, my time and my schedules. The most difficult for me was that it’s very hard to mingle with the staffs and to my co-rnheals. I sense that they are already close to each other and here comes me joining the team. But I was able to surpass those stages and now I already feel welcomed. It’s hard for me also to insert an intravenous line to some newborn babies but I am not in hurry to learn. I know I will know some technique in doing it as the days go by. Doing skin test is not that hard for me. I will just let the watcher to hold the hand of a patient tightly and I make sure that I am following the right steps in doing skin test. I will be more cautious also in giving the medication to my patients. I always doubled checked the name, the ticket and the right dose to be given to achieve the maximum effect towards the patient’s condition.

Winter days

We are so happy for our cousin who complied all the embassy requirements and now in the Europe to shape a brighter future and a greener pasture. He is just very lucky to have a sister who took care of him there. He is now adjusting for the very cold weather and a snow. Her sister just bought him @ electric mattress pad to help him combat the very cold weather which is very opposite from the weather he used to live with. We just wish him luck and that he may find a good work soon.

Outdoor furniture

I knew a person who has many possessions here on earth like a big beautiful house, expensive cars, and elegant and very nice outdoor patio furniture. He has almost all things in this world but what’s the use of it if he is so greedy and he’s trying to look down other people. One day will come when all the things you possess will be lost from you. This is not yet your time. There will always be a time that you will experience what you have been doing to others.

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