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Bags on sale

I love to go on shopping if the goods are on sale. It is a time when I can save a lot than to shop in normal price. I just bought a pair of dress yesterday, I saved 20% from it’s original price and I am so happy. A lot of products also are on sale like the Osprey Backpacks and other traveling bags. It’s perfect because we are leaving for a vacation in one day but we don’t have bag yet for our hand carry luggage.

Next rotation

I’m a little bit sad today…today my other co nurses will be rotated to the other ward and I will the one who will stay until the end of May. Another group will be rotated in the Pedia Intensive care unit also. It means another adjustment in my part also since they are new in the area. ICU is different from the ward and it takes a weeks or even months before each one can truly adjust to the new environment. I will be missing my buddies…I will be a stranger again to the one who are coming.

Safety measures

We need a lot of safety measures to ensure to avoid accidents that may lead to bones fracture and other problems. In the hospital I always raise the side rails up to ensure patient safety to avoid fall, especially pediatric patient. It is a nurse negligence if the patient drop off from bed because of failure of raising the side rails. Same with athletes too and other sports minded individuals to wear a bauerfeind malleoloc ankle brace to protect the ankles from bone injuries that brought by unexpected accidents.

Effects of a diet pill

Losing weight doesn’t need to be expensive. There are many diet pills available that are safe, effective and affordable like phytodren. You can expect that there will be no phytodren side effects. You just need to check and do some research on diet pills review. By doing so you will find what is the best for you. Do not be carried away by the market strategies of diet pills. It is always wise to carefully choose one that is good for your health.

Leadership style

There will always a time when I feel like don’t want to report on duty for some reason but the other side of my mind says go on. I experienced pressure towards my work sometimes especially when under to a authoritative staff. For me, I prefer to be under with democratic form of leadership. I am a kind of person who doesn’t want to be reminded all the time. I know what I am doing and when I’m in doubt I always clarify it.

In the end I should be the one to adjust for them since they are my seniors and I am just a novice one. I just proved myself to be more effective when under to a staff with less pressure than to the one who always sees my weaknesses and always says a word that can hurt someone’s feeling.

Fire hose

Fire prevention month was over and still lot of fire incidents happened all over the world. Fire could be very devastating and can ruin a family by damaging the properties that was raised for many years due to hard work and then suddenly will be gone? It is not an easy experience for those who were a victim of fire. We can do a lot on how to avoid fire. Even in a very simple way like unplugging all appliances when not in use. We can help conserving energy and in the same time preventing fire to come. Though fire emergency team has a fire hose adapters to help kills the fire still prevention is better than cure so be careful.

Monitor stands

I could still remember when Papa retire from work, he said he will buy a flat screen TV at home but he failed because the back pay he received was payed for the farm lot that he bought, now full of grown fruits and vegetables. But I want to fulfill Papa’s dream to have a bigger television with monitor stands If I’ll have a stable job. They are growing older each day and watching TV in a large screen will help them forget their ages.

Night shift

At long last my night pattern duties were over. I am now embracing the afternoon pattern which is the best among all schedules. I got a lot of stress brought my night duties, eye bag started to appear because of lack of sleep. I became anemic too. Well, I am now recovering from those times when I was deprived of sleep.

I’ll be selling soon

I am so excited to sell discount fragrance spray soon. It will be my first time to sell products. I hope I will be successful with this business. This is just a very small one-time business. I just want to earn little amount out from our Singapore trip. The product is from my sister from the US. I am so excited for our meeting.

Diet pill

There is new products available now to help you slim. It is called diet pill. are diet pills safe? It a fat burning pill that has several ingredients combined in it to make it more effective. Reviews is available for everyone to read to have more information about this newly introduced diet pill. It is really important to make it sure that it is safe for your health.

Old fashioned reunion

Although we can communicate with each other through emails, conference calls, online photo albums, newsletter, video chats and more, still there is a sense of something missing if we do not have face-to-face contact with my family which is the contextual part of what it means to be family.

No matter how accessible and affordable these methods are it won’t replace a good old-fashioned reunion. There’s just something about coming together that makes the reunion special. But, they are wonderful tools to help families stay connected in between those times.

Read a review first

When you are planning to loss weight with the use of diet pills, you need to gather all the data about a certain pills that you want to use. It is also helpful to read the alpha t1 review. It might confuse you for there are a lot diet pills on the market. You have to sure that you take one that is safe, effective and it is approved by the Food and Drug agency.

My letter of request for leave

I hope everything is well with you. I am writing to ask for leave of absence permission. God blessed me with a wonderful family. We grew up together until such time came that each of us needs to go and follow the paths that each of us has chosen. Some of my siblings are now in USA, Africa and Singapore. It is such a sad thing that we can’t stay together at all times because of the work, responsibilities and the demands of life that each of us has.

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