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Monthly Journal ( May )


I became more and more familiar with all the works and routines in the Pedia ICU, especially in assisting doctors in doing procedures like intubating, inserting NGT/OGT, post mortem Lumbar Puncture, extubating, and many other procedures. I also developed my IV insertion skills in the area; I must to for this is my goal to be good enough to insert IV especially for the infants. I am good now compare before and I am thankful for this accomplishments. Really experiences and practices is the best teacher. Reviving patients from being arrested is our goal, we do cardio pulmonary resuscitation and giving of emergency meds like epinephrine as ordered.

Life is a gift

It’s so nice to relax and all you do is to enjoy and forget the problems brought by our everyday encounter once in a while and to rest your tired body from doing the same routine everyday and congested mind from thinking about everything. We all deserve to relax and enjoy life to the fullest. Take a vacation, eat delicious foods while lying on a very comfortable beddings. Life is so wonderful to live.

Dining tables

Though it’s very expensive to live in but still we didn’t regret for the money we spent in Singapore. Indeed a very nice country, the city is so clean and order. We really enjoyed our stay there with my whole family. They have a very nice building and establishments. The foods are great. We just love to dine in their rustic dining tables with the sweet and delicious food to satisfy our stomach.

We need a break

How I wish one day our employer will treat us to have a break from work and take to a place for vacations. It would be so great. I am looking forward to spending quality time with my friends at work. Definitely we will have a fabulous time. I can’t wait for it to happen. If it will not happen I will just to imagine it.

Happy to see her

We are so happy to see and united with my sister again after three years of not seeing her. She is living alone in a place very away from us. But we are in her back to support her in any ways. She’s been to many difficult times in life but then she is standing still claiming the grace of God that is in her.

I know she so happy too to see her family and make bonding with each other. In fact she gave our father a gift, an al capone cigars. She will be sending also some of her stuff when she gets back to the US.

Gift anniversary

I will be celebrating my birthday in the end of this month. Another year added to my age, I’ll be 27 years old then. I am not getting any younger anymore. Hubby did not fail to give me something in this special occasion I’m sure he prepared me a personalized gifts for anniversary and my birthday. We will be celebrating our third year anniversary too. We’ve been through many spices of a married life but we are still united with the help of our almighty God.

Im gaining weight..huhu

I am gaining weight and think I already need an appetite suppressant drug now to stop my craving for foods that made my diet plan failed. To stop me from feeling hungry so I can’t eat much. I just can’t resist to eat rice and other carbohydrates and the feeling of hunger makes me go back for food and diet loses it’s purpose.

Personalized baby blanket

The beautiful unique personalized baby blankets at caught my attention when I opened the website. It’s like perfect for my daughter’s need of comfort. We will do everything for our daughter, all our effort and sacrifices is all for you our lovely daughter. We hope and pray that you would grow kind, respectful lady. Please know that we want the best for you and your future.

For my wife

As much as possible I would do everything to make my wife happy. As my one way of showing and expressing my I love for her with. To make her feel loved. In this mother’s day I would go shopping for a gift for my wife. She made me a proud daddy to our baby. I know she will be surprised then because I am not used to buy for her what I did is to give her money for her to shop her own. I think i will give her a bag. I am so excited.

She loves to swim

My baby loves to go on swimming everyday. She loves water so much. In her toddler age she knows already how to enjoy and appreciate the things in her surroundings. It is very opposite before in her months age, she is afraid of water. She’s really growing. We planned to but her an artificial swimming pool in her coming birthday for her to enjoy the water so much.

Swimming pool

During our fifth day in Singapore we went for a swimming from the resort we are staying. It is so nice. The pool is found in the roof top of the building. How nice to swim while glancing the city in the background. The pool are so clean and surrounded with pentair pool light to make it more attractive. In the evening you will be amazed by the dazzling lights that will catch someone’s attention.

God given talents

Each of us are given different talents and skills. You just need to be sensitive enough to discover and improve it for the better. Most of the time when I see talented individuals I asked God why He didn’t give me that talent but to find out the He already blessed me in some other way. I thank the Lord for making me tall in height that I was able to acquired sport trophies during my teen days and until now I still enjoying the benefits of being a tall one.

Thankful to God

I am always thanking the Lord for all the blessings and opportunity He has given me and my family. We are privileged enough to experienced great things in this world. Through my eldest sister we were able to go abroad to relax and enjoy the beautiful things in Singapore. Our experiences are worth enough to cherish as one big family family. Bonding with each member of the family really that counts.

Beach hut

During the course of our stay in Singapore. We stayed in two different places. For the first four days we stayed at the hut near the beach and it’s very nice in there. The hut is very cool and a good place to rest. What more nicer was that they also have outdoor gazebos to stay while looking over the whole island. We were really satisfied with the services they were offering us.

Bonding moment

I am so sad, I left my family in Singapore due to the demand of my work. I was only permitted to have 5days vacation leave. I missed a lot of bonding with my family there. They went to many places without my presence but then I already enjoyed my stay there with them and I love to see their pictures it’s like I am in the place too. They went for discount movies and went for swimming today. I hope I can go back to Singapore in the coming months or years.

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