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Object lesson

This week I’m preparing for my speaking presentation for the Women’s day in our church this coming Sunday. Last Wednesday, our president called my samsung htc I was told that I’m a part of the program in our ministry. I am going to do an object lesson. I grabbed the opportunity to share the gospel. This will be my first time in preaching now I am trying to prepare my self.

Beauty of Nature

I want to be a professional photographer too. I like taking pictures everywhere I go. I love the continuous shooting mode on my new camera. This photo was taken when I was in Singapore for having vacation. I like this so much.  As we see this image we can feel the freshness and see the beauty of nature.

Music is the language of my soul

It’s been a long while since I’ve studied my music lesson, and I regret not maintaining my piano class. I had my favorite pieces for the piano and I can somehow play softly on it. But because of my busy days, I just can’t afford to do that anymore unless I have to practice first and somebody can help me fix my electrical piano and recommend me a cheap appliance parts particularly batteries and adapter. Because for me music is the language of my soul.

Take it from my hand

There is a song that inspired me most especially when I’m bothered while I’m driving the lyrics says “Jesus take the wheel take it from my hand cause i can’t do it on my own…I’m letting go so give me one more chance to save me from this road I’m on…” when I sing this song it makes me feel good and happy.

Silent tears falling

I love watching movies. Love stories are my absolute favorites. The last time I saw the series movie was so sad and I didn’t notice that I have silent tears falling down my face. Then my sister came out of her room bringing her maternity dresses asking me which one is good for her. I felt ashamed because I’m smiling with tears in my eyes. ‘Twas a funny night!

Morning dew

Everyone wants to have a good looking home. One of my favorite place in my house is the terrace area. To make our terrace more interesting, relaxing and we make us more comfortable. We got an idea from the for outdoor bistro sets. In every morning, I take my coffee with sugar and cream in the terrace sitting at the bistro and exhaled the dew and the freshness of the morning.

In times like these

I really had the hardest time keeping my sadness inside, especially when I’m all alone..I can’t hide my emotions and had a feeling of loneliness that sometime tears may gradually came out into my eyes. But I still remember what the Lord said “hold on my child”. who inspired me. So life goes on and life must be so wonderful.

Gift ideas

When it comes to our loved ones, a lot of us are creative on how to greet a special someone on his/her birthday. It’s my hubby’s birthday today! I want him to be happy. I cooked spaghetti, macaroni salad. I ordered two layers cake just nearby our house. I wrapped my gift secretly and gave it to him. It is a leather briefcases for men I wish I could make him smile.

Have fun

Despite of my busy day, I still had the time to enjoy myself. We need day off to get time to relax. Usually, on Saturdays I don’t go anywhere. I stay at home and having fun with the best jig saw. Make your day off doesn’t bring stress so all we have to do is just sit down do something you wanna do, take your time and have fun!

Weather, weather

This day it’s not a great day for me. Because the weather is not good that makes me feel blue and feel bored and nothing can do but waited until the rain stopped.. There is heavy rain. All I wanna do is lying on my bed. In rainy season, I like to lay in bed even when I’m not sleeping. I just imagine living on a earth where rain falls continuously.

Great day

When we are getting married, of course, we want everything is perfect during that great day because it will happen once in a lifetime. I remember my sister’s wedding day last three years ago it was very successful day. The preparation was perfectly done. The most important thing is the dresses of the participants. My mother told me she wants to have a plus size mother of the bride dresses that is fit for her.

Church Anniversary

We’re so busy preparing for the coming anniversary celebration of our church. We are inviting visitors from the other churches. So we must ready. Today, the choir members having their practice and children in their presentation, some are cleaning and some are making tent outside of the church. it is important that everybody will help and cooperate for the success of our celebration.

Father’s day

I want to show gratitude and love for my father even though I can’t say in person but I want to let him know that I really love my father and I am very proud of him and i want to let the world know how much I love and care for my father. He is a talented father I ever know. He has a lot of talent and skills. Happy father’s day dad! we love you.

Motorcycle Experience

An accident may happen anytime, anywhere. Nobody know when it comes. In 2009, I got into a motorcycle accident. It happened so fast I didn’t know what was happened at that time. I suddenly dropped on the road and could not walk anymore. So my mother looked for roll-a-bout a walker that will help me. It was very helpful and useful during my recovery.

Ask for receipt

Finally, the new and wide mall in our city has opened. I was there during their opening day. So very crowded and very fresh to see. Everything is high technology such as censored automatic door, elevators, and escalator. I bought something for myself and of course, I always ask for receipt. I like their receipt printer because it is very easy to understand and at the same time it is very clear.

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