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Sea salt bath

I missed to spend time with myself exclusively for beautification. Because of the demand of work sometimes I forgot to do the things to maintain my beauty. I miss treating myself for sea salt bath and other beauty regimen. I wish I could still do the things which I used to do when I was still single. Can’t wait to treat myself again.

Get well soon

I just came home from the hospital. My 2 year old niece got admitted to the hospital. It broke my heart to see her in there crying, suffering from pain. She is so active and smart baby but so mad from being injected in any part of her body. She has fever and was just diagnosed with pneumonia. I pray for her speedy recovery and keep faith in God, he will take care in the form of doctor attending on her.

Choosing my favorites

Instead of taking time to travel for shopping at the department store, I’d rather go shopping online. This is the best way. So very easy, fast, less time and we will find all our needs. I have really enjoyed getting and choosing my favorite products from store fixtures from My hubby is here beside me he helped me in selecting the right products that is right for me.

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