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Gifts for a perfect Christmas

Christmas is coming! Everybody will be busy, some are singing carols, making lanterns on the streets, having parties everywhere, exchanging cards to their loved ones, giving gifts to everyone, and the children are busy opening their godfather gifts . I’m so excited to wrap my gifts, I usually give gifts to my goddaughters and godsons. I feel great to see them happy. This is Christmas is all about.

Passing so quickly

I noticed that days have been so long but the years have been so short. I mean the times go so fast. Once again I need to renew my motor vehicle registration. I just finished yesterday. Yearly, emission test must be done and new insurance needed these are some requirements to be submitted to the land transportation office.

Things I treasured most

I love accessories so much. I am collecting bags and wallets since I was in college. I always like to keep them in a tool bags to help keep dust away and to secure I put them together inside the cabinet and roll away when I use them and wow it looks like new. This is the best way to take care of my things I treasured most.

Sad experience teaches me

Playing scrabble has always been one of my favorite past time with my hubby. Although it takes time but more and more I learned something new in every game. Both players wants to win. The exciting part is when the timer starts must create a word. Every word must be spelled correctly with both players. Sometimes things may happen, the other day we got into an argument and he said something that hurt me deeply. What a sad day for me.

Student’s days

In our duty, we are thankful if there are practicing students with us because they help us in monitoring the patients and they also do charting. It lessen our load. I remember my students days. I am now free of wearing compression stockings for women. Now I can wear my plain white uniform with my own style.

Everyday we are giving lectures to the patients and watchers about the requirements to be discharged but some of them cannot understand, we kept of repeating the same words. Oh God give us more patience in dealing with this kind of people.

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