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Winning souls for Christ

My hubby is working in a Credit Cooperative company for three years and became a regular employee by then. We are enjoying some benefits offered by the employer. This company also molded my hubby’s spiritual being for their main goal is to share the good news to all members, win them to Christ and lending is just a strategy. Members are given a chance to start a small business. Aside of lending money they are also affiliated to an Insurance company and this is much better and they can claim anytime if accidents happen.

Shining Star

To get some ideas how to dressed up during special occasion such as weddings, special gathering, parties, meetings I always had fashion magazines. It helps me how to be creative. As I see models inside they have their perfect looks. I also got ideas how to wear accessories fit to my attire. I have a slane jewelry and simple gown to be used in my sister’s birthday that I’m sure it looks elegant.

Secure your business

As we can see there are a lot of problems that resulted from the global crisis that is now happening. The criminal and robbery cases are increasing dramatically may be because of the crisis. If you have businesses you need to have a necessary security system that is easy to install and affordable. It is to protect the people working for you, your properties and your establishment. It help to discourage robbers to rob you with the things that you work so hard to attain.

Island explore

I just had the most relaxing three-day island vacation. I’m so stressed and tired due to my busy days from work. So I spent the time together with my hubby and friends. The weather is good and the sea is clear. Things I did was stretching myself, relaxing, swimming under the sun and had body massage. I feel more comfortable. Maybe someday we will escape to the island and have fun. 🙂

Something at the smoke shop

Usually after work I go somewhere like malls, parks and shops. Last night saw something unique ashtray at the Famous Smoke Shop and i find that very interesting. A different kind of ashtray. One of my favorite is from coconut shell formed like a rocking chair coated with attractive color it is very artistic. I bought it but I will not use it just for a decoration at home.

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