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Learning and insights

One thing I learned. Hardships and obstacle will always come along the way unexpectedly and I learned to be strong and face each problem positively with courage to solve it will all my might. Tears is part of growing as a human being and as a nurse. It is always okay to cry because it has been said ‘it is cleansing to the soul’. I am thankful for the experiences and knowledge I gained throughout my training as Rnheals. This will really help me as I embrace another opportunity of my profession. I will make the most of my remaining days and this experience I had will always be a part of me wherever path will lead me.

What is Sciatica?

Our bodies is like a machine as the time goes by it will diminish it’s function and have lot of problems in later years. Our systems will also get tired of doing their function everyday. We should take our health seriously. Health is wealth. As much as we can we should not let any vices to ruin our life. Aging is always be a challenge to all of us. Many diseases arise and aside from healthy lifestyle we need also to read to increase our knowledge about health.

In the nature of my work I am at risk of having Sciatica and other back problems especially I am transferring heavy patient from stretcher to bed and vice versa. I maintained proper body mechanics to save me from any hurtful back aches.

Our time

The day is running, yesterday will not come again, and tomorrow is a different day, as a saying says time is gold for it worth costly. Be on time, and take your time, because if you lose it you couldn’t find it.As the birds fly in the beautiful skies and so the flowers flourish in the right time. So we take and use our time wisely because life it too short to waste it.

Christmas party

We will be having our Christmas party at the pool this coming December 8, 2012. Everybody is so excited for the said event. It’s time to enjoy and forget the stresses that brought by daily working. Nothing more nicer than to swim in a very clean swimming pool with salt cell knowing that it is cleaned, filtered and safe. I Wish everything will be okay.

Watch your step

I just brushed and suddenly got slipped and shouted loud inside my bathroom where my chin stroke and i got hurt. ouch! what a sudden pain and dismay. By the way, everything is okay and I feel better now. It’s the only part of cleaning the bathroom. We must watch our step anywhere we should go.

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