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“Hold on my child”

Sometimes, I’m out of control and some times I lost my patience and ready to give up. I asked my self during the early hours of the day, why should I suffer? and ask the following questions of myself why do bad things happen? But only God can answer my questions. He said “Hold on my child” So I kept holding on and I trying to fix some things broken.

A man’s best friend

I believe that a dog is a man’s best friend. My dog named Jack and Jill has just finished deworming to keep my puppies safe from parasites. I am a dog lover. I love them so much. In fact, I am collecting dog statues to put on display in my living room. I want cute and nice designs so I look here for dog garden statues that I want to have.

Win or lose

I felt dismayed when I saw my idol got knocked out and he lost consciousness inside the ring during his fight. It is the first time he got knocked down by a single punch. I heard the people screaming and can’t hardly believed it. In a few minutes he woke up and send to the hospital for ct scan. Thanks God everything is okay now. Even though he is loser but still he is champion in my heart.

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