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Wonderful technology

It seems today that we’re more in the area of technology. I have heard that online local printing are just good in our work and in our business. I once tried it and it really works. I got a good service so it’s probably best way to do my projects faster and easier.Thank you for the wonderful technology we have today! It saved my time and energy.

Long life

Cooking is one of my hobby. I cooked salad, sweet spaghetti and cookies if we have occasion. They say noodles stand for long life. So today I want to bake a spaghetti for my brother’s birthday. I am very careful during cooking. It is therefore important to follow the instruction to avoid over cooked. It is better to use timer.

Premier Mounts Store

Our house is quiet small and our home appliances are many, oftentimes before we argued with my husband why we bought those things which cannot be fixed properly because of the limited spaces that we have, I shared it to my mother and she told me about Premier Mounts Store, now I bought something which can be used to put our sound speakers and other appliances that can be hanged to have some spaces.

The past

My hubby is good friend with his ex’s. He still talks to his ex-girlfriends a couple of times. He is making me doubt and feel jealous. I can’t help that I’m the kind of person who gets a little bit jealous sometimes. I never showed that I’m feeling jealous. Every time they talk he sees me walking away from him.


I’ve been working and studying Japanese for two years by myself. I won’t say it is easy, in fact it is always not easy to learn a new language. All I did was I went to the bookstore and bought download free audio books mp3 all you have to do is to play and you just listen until you learn while eating or whatever you do.

At the bike rack

It’s gotten bad to the point where I put and forget the spare parts I bought three days ago. Spare parts to be used in my car. I find around the house and I finally found it near the softride bike rack. I think too much which causes memory losses. Yes, sometimes it’s true thinking too much may affect the way we are.

My crowning glory

My hair needs to be treated gently. But I was very busy and had no time to go to a hair salon due to my busy schedule. I had no time to go anywhere else and my hair gets dry, wavy and thick. No! I just can’t handle it anymore. I must go to the salon now and I must also make it a point to massage my hair with warm olive oil.

Gold collection

I just received a new credit card from the company with an expiration date of one to five years. And my credit limit went up. I’m planning on the first quarter of the year to buy gold online using my credit card. I want online because I can choose any designs and sizes I want. Through internet gets faster and easier so I’ll try this.

helped me get through

I thank God for having a good family. They just helped me get through a lot of hard times. I have lots of payments but how do i get help paying my bills? They have been weighing heavily on my mind. I just want someone who really understands me. And there was my family who understands me.

Fetal heartbeat

It was the most painful experience that I encountered all my life but I love to recall it again and again on how I delivered my baby on this earth last August 26, 2010. I was not the one doing my best but also my baby inside. I can really feel that she’s even more excited to come out than me. It always gives me courage to push every time I hear her heartbeat using fetal dopplers, it’s like she’s saying we’re almost there. Oh yes we did it! My baby came out @ 6:23pm…the pain turned into indescribable joy. Thanks for my family for being there during the most crucial and memorable moment of my life. To God be the glory!

Sleep better

My pets has no bedding or a place that they sleep regularly. He is just lying in her basket and sometimes in the floor. I think I need bed for pet will help them sleep better at night. Puppy is just like a baby and everyone loves a puppy, just like everyone loves a baby.Dogs are animals but we should treat them as human being.

I’ll miss you Jack!

I’ve had a bad few days with my dog. I don’t know what happen to my puppy named jack. I think my puppy ate something bad. She is vomiting and he is bleeding. Since we got him he pooped blood. I gave him anti-bacterial and gave him water I put the tip of the syringe in his mouth and I gently squeezed his cheeks and held his mouth open until he swallowed. But It didn’t work. Jack died.

The crying baby

It’s tough to listen when a baby is crying every now and then. I cannot believe the six months old greedy baby boy in my neighborhood. He cries so intensely if we don’t feed him every time. He still got breastfeed from his mom but he wants to eat like fried chicken, meat bones and something to have put in his mouth that’s how we stop him crying.

A new year habit

My celebrity idol makes new year habit. She started practicing yoga a physical and mental therapy. I saw her using the best jade yoga mat. She said to realize who and what you really are in her television interview. Why I’ll never try yoga? This is interesting for me. I want try and feel how important yoga in our body and soul. I’ll do my best.

Is this unusual?

Around 6:35 in the morning when I was gathering fire of woods I saw rainbow in the sky shimmering with a subdued flickering light and glimmering in my eyes that took my attention. This is something unusual for me and then I took my camera and captured the beautiful attracting seven colors. Maybe this is a sign of a climate changed.

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