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My personal computer

Many possible personal computer problem exist and it is true. If that happens I always logged on to a good performance site where I can and do of my personal computer. Maintenance is needed. It is important because sometimes my computer has trouble and problem has occurred. So this will help us find the answers to your problems of our pc. Just log on.

Just passable

I took my motorcycle into the car wash yesterday morning. I didn’t notice my phone fell out from my pocket. When I got home I was supposed to send a mail to a friend of mine but I didn’t find my phone. I went back to the car wash but they said none of them has found it. It’s lost. Just passable i written down all contact numbers in my notebook.

My Books

Reading books is one of my habit when I have nothing to do. Beck’s Books is one of my favorite book. Even though, we are using a high technology such as lap tops, iphone this time but I still need the books so I keep it. We have mini library in our house that all the books are in a proper and alphabetically arranged. So that it’s easy to find if I want to read.

fixing things

We are planning to have a short family vacation in Hong Kong this year and we are confused and don’t know about the places in Hong Kong to have a pleasurable stay and have a great time. We are changing ideas, concerns as of now.Right now we are fixing things as soon as we could. And grab the opportunity to buy a light fare ticket and cheap hotel.


I’m so proud to have college class rings i’m very proud wearing it for the rest of my life. I’ve come this far because of my parents. Most of all I want to thank our heavenly Father for guiding me each day and helping in all our needs all throughout the years. I hope my brothers and sisters will follow what I did because this is a treasure that cannot be stolen.

I’m Glad

Since I was a child my mom took me to the church every Sunday morning. Now that I’m growing older we are still going to the church until now and I fully understands why we did this. I have learned many things from the word of God and having fear for him. I’m glad I’m a Christian, I’m serving the Lord.

Thank you!

We really had a blast during our vacation in Malaysia for 3days. Once in our lives we experience how it is to be rich, staying in a nice hotel near in Sunset Beach Real Estate , eating delicious food without minding the price, shopping and many more. Thank you Lord for the opportunity to travel these beautiful country and I owe this everything to my dear sister for the treat. Thank you so much sis, will pay u back maybe not in terms with money but in othet way I could help you in the years to come.

I’ll be home soon

I’ll be home soon in 13days. PAL flight confirmed! Thank you Lord! See u soon Rudy Decena and Precious Gyndy Planas-Decena. 🙂 Atleast I tried my very best..maybe this place is not really meant for me! hehe! In the other hand, It’s great to be with you sisters for 43days and our experiences was superb, the laughters, the tears, the shopping and the eating trip..wew..Thank you so much my dear sisters especially to you Lourette Planas for the Singapore and Malaysia treat. God bless you more and more! This is one of a kind experience that will remain in my memory forever! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


Speaking of lighters I remember my dad during our last year’s short vacation in Singapore buying a lot of unique xikar lighters as his present for his dearest neighbors friends. I think three boxes of lighters with different styles and colors. My mom and dad is a giver that we inherit from them. They always reminded us that it’s better to share what we have.

God is good

God is good all the time for pouring out His blessing to our family. It’s nice to experience these things after all what we have experienced before when we got worried what to eat on everyday. Our parents made the greatest sacrifices for all of us 7 siblings and raised us well. Now we are doing it back for them as a reward for the job well done. The just deserved what they are receiving from us now. God turns suffering into something good. Praise be to God.

Live band

last night when I turned on my television and watching my favorite band live via satellite I didn’t noticed that I got sleep it’s may be because of their beautiful music using their
great Fernandes Guitars they usually used in their concert. Then I suddenly awake..the band still singing. Then I had my coffee and bread while watching the live band I longed to hear.

Good morning sunshine

It’s a beautiful sunny Sunday! I just woke up from my bed and when I opened the window I saw sunlight. What a sunny day! It is very hot outside. I’m thinking what will I do today. My sisters talked about a very cold and refreshing place they wanted to go. So I think that’s a good idea for us today beyond the sunny silly skies.

..Stairway to heaven

Yes, I did it. I went through the mountain yesterday were there are more than two hundreds steps until you get the the very top. I was so excited and if i look out down the stairway was so scared and i held my breath. I got sweat. I couldn’t believed I overcome what I went through. Though I had muscle pain it is also a good exercise.

Thanks to you sister!

Though it’s not that advance modernized country but we love staying here. it’s like we just in our own country. It is more cheaper here compare to other. We bought a cheap brochures and a map as our guide since it’s our first time to be here. We stayed in a very nice hotel plus enjoying the delicious foods. I never thought that I could come here but thanks to my sisters for this treat, a special treat for us.

Batu cave

Being able able to reached the peak of the Batu cave with 236 step is already an achievement! We are proud we made it! It was very scary and made our feet tremors after but all were paid off. The one time experience that will remain in our memory forever!

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