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Legal right

Finding good lawyers who are experts in all types of injuries or medical malpractice cases is not easy to find. However, you can find a lawyer that will be a tremendous help in handling any personal injury claims that includes motor vehicular accidents, construction accidents and any injuries. Know your legal rights and file a case to the Court without fear.

Not yet the answer

I know it is not yet the answer but I am just happy to experience the nice feeling of imagining possible thing that I could experience. I passed again another set of application and requirement as what he wanted me to do. I really don’t want the system of ‘tell me whom you know’ in the government but I don’t have a choice but to go with the flow. God bless me Lord in my search.

Yoga ball

Seriously I need to loss weight now. This is not good already. Been gaining weight these days and I hate it. I want to enroll in a Yoga exercise class with the use of yogaaccessories yoga ball as props. It will be so exciting doing this things with my fellows. Wish my sister is here now to do yoga with me since we used to go together before.

Home sweet home

We have just started renovating our house about five weeks ago. My father made sure he have a well-set plan before he start the renovations. We are all excited to see our house it would soon become double storey.


I am seriously so sensitive about my body and recently due to weather changes I am suffering from body ache, cold and bad cough. My mom gave me an olbas oil and rubbing it into the skin of my entire body and had body massage. As I rubbed it onto my skin I realized that the oil helps to improve skin health and get rid of dandruff.

True to life story

Our local government secretary died through private plane crashed. A television special dramatized his life. It is an overarching story that made me cried when I watched and know him better. So humble person. He is a good servant and a good provider to his wife and children. His life really touches our hearts.

Shopping time

Every time I go shopping and buy something I always asked for discounts. Because the customers should look for discounts and save money. Funny, and how people feel so happy to have discounts. I want to go to Peter Glenn, a store and a company where I can buy suits at affordable prices. A complete suits shop to find the size you need online..

Eye contact

I am very self-conscious while wearing my eye glasses as I always do. If I do not wearing glasses makes my eyes more blurry. I am thinking about getting and trying contact lenses. I think I look better and more like myself without glasses. I will ask an ophthalmologist for further advice.

Deburring tool

My brother is taking up bachelor of science in engineering. He had a lot of projects to be accomplished this year. They are required to make a materials such as deburring tool from and other products to be used in their up coming projects. His course is in demand today so we must help him to finish his schooling both materials and financial.

Good morning sunshine!

I thank God for another day of my life. When I wake up this morning I saw the golden sunlight shining and filtered through smoky clouds. He made things perfect and all things have purpose. God has entrusted certain things to us. So we should take good care of these things in return. Have coffee and toasted bread for breakfast. Have a nice day!

Dog lover

I learned to love dogs through my friend who is a very dog lover. We always go together to but foods for her dog and she also bought a very nice cozy zinger winger to keep her dog safe. She treated her dog like her own son and she make everything for him. Truly dog is a man’s best friend.

We met!

Thank you Lord! We arrived home safely after a long and tiring flight. SO happy to see my family waiting for us at the airport especially seeing my daughter who looks so excited to see and hug me. We hugged each other so long. I so missed her and I am making a way to cover up the time that I missed. Thank you Lord!

cc outdoors

My hubby and I are very adventurous. But we don’t know where we could find a better store for our needs. His friend Sammy told him some idea where is the better place for CC Outdoors a complete wears and accessories for exploring. Yes it is a store where we can buy things during outdoor activities. It is good to explore if we are well prepared.


Ouch, ingrown toenails hurt. I had an ingrown toenail..I need to cut it out as soon as possible because it is painful and it hurts. I don’t feel comfortable wearing my shoes. Due to very busy days so I wasn’t able to go the parlor for pedicure. I can’t take this anymore I must cut this after working.


My company is in progress and well developed. The company is now using or making with a web print solutions to enable us to do our work easy in every aspects of the business. It helped a lot especially in computer and papers works. As time passed by there is a new idea on how we can enhances our business through technologies.

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