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Busy Days

Days are too busy, Hours are too few, Seconds are too fast, but there is always a time for myself. Sometimes I forget myself. I want to get rest and sleep all the time but I can’t able because I’d want to do something rather than doing nothing the whole day. And have body massage afterward.

If God’s will..

I love traveling. I’ve been in Japan five years ago and I’ve only been in Singapore for less than two months. This year my family wants to go to China and Hongkong.. How I wish we could go to Paris one day! I heard a lot about Paris. There are a lot of exciting things here just click luxury rentals paris for our needs. Yes, I think it’s possible if God willing.

Be Brave little one…

I am facing a lot of problems in life. Daily new problems are coming in my way. But still I’m holding on and never giving up. God has handed me some pretty big challenges of my life. I thank God for the strength He has given me.

Home sweet home

We are so excited for the home coming of my sisters from other countries. As our reunion is approaching we want to do something unique and making sure that our newly renovated house is beautiful. We decided to put decoration inside and outside the house. As of now we are making a wall fountain. We’ve got this idea from for a wall fountain and it is almost done.


Our town celebrates a yearly festival to denote a communal religious feast to honor a patron saint. As popularly known here in my country..a celebration is not a celebration at all if there is no roasted pig in the yummy! Of course, there are activities such as basketball league that is so exciting, volleyball for women and others games for children. Happy Festival!


We have a new housemaid today. I had just finished her background check. It is important to find criminal background checks at first before we let her/him to be with in our house. It’s not only for knowing them but it is also for our own safety. It is hard to give trust to anybody who stay with us and especially if we are going out and leave them at home alone.


I am preparing for my sow’s giving birth. She has ten more days left.  A few days before giving birth, she will be moved to farrowing crate I made for her where she is able to lie down to nurse while being held apart from her piglets. I am so excited and already prepared oxytocin and other medicine to be needed during her delivery.

Proud of you Sis

Praise God for the work of His children. I fell so proud and blessed for my sister’s accomplishment in the field of her work. She did very great and God is really working with er to touch many people’s lives. I just pray for good health and renewed strength everyday.

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