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It’s our 4th

Today is our 4th year wedding anniversary with my husband. Time flies so fast. I always thank the Lord everyday of my life for having a husband like him who is so gentle and loving me so much unconditionally. Though we are facing difficult situation right now still I praise God for blessing me this kind of relationship.

Yoga clothing

It is already obvious that there is an increase weight between me and my husband. Maybe it’s because we both don’t have work and we don’t excise that seldom too. Well, we agreed to have a regular exercise, zumba or yoga to eliminate fats that accumulated in our body. We already buy workout attire in mens yoga clothing department in a mall. We just wait for the arrival of my sister who will also be joining in our fitness exercise.

Shower fixtures

Honestly, I would have to say my favorite place in the house is my bed but at the same time bathrooms are my least favorite place to go. It should be clean up everyday. It is a place I can spend my time for myself..It really feels so good and relax especially in the bath tub with warm water. I feel comfortable with the shower fixtures in our house where my dad and mom’s requested before. My mom said she wanted to take a bath with warm water instead because they are old enough so they don’t like to used cold water. So we had it.

Natal day

Tomorrow is my hubby’s birthday. I am thinking about what can I give or something do to make his birthday special and memorable. Giving gifts, cakes, cards are common things. I have one idea about serenade. I am a member of a choir and I am honored to be part of this inspired organization. I will try to ask the group to sing birthday songs at dawn. I’m so excited what he feels like.

Coffee lover

Good morning, It’s time to start a new day of our lives. As usual, when I wake up each morning I make my coffee and check my emails. It’s my daily routine to fix things inside and outside the house before I leave and go to work. But today, is my day off so I spend my time to my laundry…a basket of laundry to be finished this morning. Good thing I have washing machine…So better to start now….

In the bathroom

I was amazed yesterday when i heard my nephew singing while taking a bath with her mommy inside the bathroom. She uses the stainless steel flexible hose so she could use it as her ‘microphone. I am eating at that time when i heard the two years old baby girl singing along with her angelic voices. Seriously, she can sing well even though she can’t properly pronounce the words yet. It was funny morning.

Hurt feelings

It’s only human nature that we will feel hurt. I got my feelings hurt for a little while recently. I sometimes get my feelings hurt so deeply I don’t know what to do about it. If I got hurt I won’t speak and it take a few days before the pain will gone. Maybe because I’m emotional and that’s me. But, still the important is we know how to be humble in any situation and never get hurt.

Childhood friend

Hello everyone, i just woke from sleepless night. I’m wide awake the whole night with my computer. I search my childhood friend in a social networking sites to know her whereabouts. I tried to find her many times but I can’t find her. Anyway, it’s not a big deal. I remember the days when we were younger playing around and she’s my companion in the bible class we attended.

Water supply

Most of our kitchen utensils is made of ceramic. It is trusted and guaranteed. My mother like it most because it is quality and unbreakable. A new designed tube or pipe from ceramic has done. Speaking of tube we will replace the old pipe to because of leaking problems. To conserve water soon we will be using ceramic tube a pipe line of our water supply.

Three Points shots

The most awaited and excited game of National Basketball association or NBA is almost done. I am a spurs fan and i think that the spurs deserved this victory. They feel like a team that’s supposed to win. Three points shots is an advantage to win. Well, which team will win this championship all I can say congratulations and have a good sports.

Scooter ride

My bike was my companion and simply part of my daily life. I started biking when I was 9 years old using scooter in our yards. It helps me a lot in balancing. Now I grow older I used to drive a motorcycle. I want to do knee scooter reviews if i could do it again and teach my nephews and niece how to drive scooter. So excited!

Teary-eyed sunday

Last Sunday was a sad day, i woke up early and went to the church. Tears fell down when we heard the speaker. His words touched our hearts. The speaker emphasizes his words with emotional feelings that really reflects our lives. There’s a light at the end of the darkness was his topic. That made us cry.

Take time to relax

It is very important that whole family should have a vacation once a year. It will give each member of the family a chance to have a great time away from the factors that draw there attention like work, friends and others. Everyone will enjoy the beach and the beauty of the nature.Create a memory that will last a lifetime.

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